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NDIS Resources

Cover of the Getting on the NDIS Grid Workbook Resource Thumbnail

Getting on the NDIS grid

A suite of tools to help people with disability get on the NDIS.

Getting on the NDIS Grid workbook

Cover of the My learning passport Resource Thumbnail

Ready to go: Plan ahead – my learning passport

A video which explains how to use the my learning passport tool to prepare for NDIS access.

My Learning Passport Participant Workbook

My learning Passport Participant Workbook Easy Read Version

Watch the video here

Health Resources

Cover of the Summary Document Roundtable Health and Intellectual Disability Resource

Roundtable: health and intellectual disability

Summary document on a roundtable held in 2019. The topics was ‘upholding the right to health and life’

Summary of Roundtable on health and intellectual disability

Housing and Energy Resources

The cover of Going for Gold, Accessible, Affordable Housing Now Issue paper Resource Thumbnail

Going for gold – accessible, affordable housing now

QDN position paper on housing for people with disability.

Going for gold position paper - Accessible Version

Going for gold position paper - Easy read

Cover of A place to call home, A housing issues paper for people with disability Resource Thumbnail

A Place to Call Home

A housing issues paper for people with disability.

A Place to Call Home - Housing Issues Paper

Keys in lock in front door of house

Making rent fair campaign: Queensland rental tenancy reforms

This video shows why Queensland rental tenancy reforms are important for Queenslanders with disability.

Watch the Video here

Cover of Covid-19 Managing Rent and Unpaid rent resource

Residential tenancies

A suite of seven easy-read residential tenancy information sheets, including translation of the Residential Tenancy Covid Practice Guide.

  1. Managing rent and unpaid rent
  2. Ending residential tenancies
  3. Entry to property and repairs
  4. Domestic and family violence protections
  5. If both the tenant and the landlord can't agree
  6. Getting help and support
  7. Glossary of terms

Keys in lock in front door of house

Housing principles for inclusive communities

Housing has endorsed housing principles. The objective of the Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027, every Queenslander has access to a safe, secure, and affordable home.

Housing principles for inclusive communities

Cover of Bright Sparks How to save on your electricity bills Resource

Bright Sparks handbook

A workbook to help people make savings in their energy bills.

Bright Sparks Handbook 


Co-Design for Inclusive Housing Workshop

A report for the Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy to inform the Partnering for Inclusive Housing Action Plan 2022-25 outlining some key strategies for Queensland codesigned with people with disability

QDN Final Report 


Disaster and Emergency Planning Resources

Cover of the Disaster Inclusive and Disaster Resilient Queensland resource

Person-centred Emergency Preparedness Inclusive Community Consultations Reports

Report for consultations in Brisbane, Ipswich, Townsville, and Rockhampton

Brisbane Report

Ipswich Report

Townsville Report

Rockhampton Report

blue and red lights flashing on an emergency vehicle

Person Centred Emergency Planning video.

Gary shares his own story in a video about an emergency situation he was in and why it is important to have a plan.

Watch Video 1

Watch Video 2

Employment and Training Resources

Cover of the Creating a Theory of Change resource

Creating a theory of change

A booklet for people with intellectual disability who want to speak up and make change in their community.

Creating a theory of change - Towards a future to inclusion

Digital Inclusion Resources

A photo of a laptop with a phone sitting on the keyboard, there are pencils in a holder and a coffee mug with coffee in it.

Digital inclusion: Mind the gap, bridging the digital divide

Looking at innovative ways to close the digital divide for people with disability.

Gisele Mesnage, Founder of Digital Gap Initiative (DGI)

Leila Coulton, Delivery Manager Digital Experience and Accessibility, Coles

Marlena Katene, online journalist and content creator

Please call us 1300 363 783

Cover of the What is Zoom Resource Thumbnail

How to use Zoom

A guide to help you use zoom video conferencing.

What is Zoom?

Muting and other zoom controls - iOS - Computer - Android

How to set up zoom - iOS - Android

How to join a zoom meeting - iOS - Computer - Android

How to install zoom - iOS - Computer - Android

How to connect to a Zoom meeting - iOS - ComputerAndroid

Covid-19 Resources

QDN is working to make sure you have the resources and tools to make a plan to keep yourself safe and well during this public health emergency. We worked with the University of Sydney to co-design the COVID-19 Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness Plan to provide people with practical tools, resources, and tips for people to develop their own individual plan and information to help people to stay safe.

We know that getting the healthcare you need during COVID-19 has been challenging too. QDN worked with Health Consumers Queensland co-designing with people with disability and families the Know your Rights: Getting the healthcare you need during COVID. We encourage people to think about, talk about and write down a plan for how things will work for you and your support network during this time.

Covid19 Fact Sheets title image

COVID-19 factsheets

Queensland Health haven produced informative and easy to understanding fact sheets on:

Are there medicines for COIVID-19 and how do they work?

And information on How is eligible for the medication and how do I access?

Click here for:

Medicines used for COVID-19

Medicines used for COVID-19

COVID-19 eligibility and pathway (with images)

COVID-19 eligibility and pathway (no images) Accessible version

Image of the title page of Information Sheet 2 - Getting the COVID-19 care you need – information for people with disability and their families

New information sheets – Getting the COVID-19 care you need

QDN has produced these Information Sheets for Queensland Health on the new care pathways for people with disability and their supporters if they get COVID-19, so they know how to access the right health care to meet their needs.

Information Sheet 1 - Getting the COVID-19 care you need – information for people with disability and their families

Information Sheet 2 - What do I need to do if I’m COVID-19 positive?

Information Sheet 3 - The COVID-19 Care Pathway process – levels of care

Cover of the resources What is Coronavirus(Covid-19)?

Covid-19 easy read information

A suite of Covid-19 easy read factsheets to help you get the facts and get prepared.

What is Covid-19?

What does Covid-19 self-quarantine mean?

Covid-19 essential items checklist  or Word Accessible Version

Cover of the Information for Families Covid-19 Resource Thumbnail

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

A suite of resources to support people through Covid-19, including COVID-19 information sheets especially written for disability supported accommodation facilities.  This information has been developed for people with disability, their families and the service.

Covid-19 vaccine information for families

Covid-19 vaccine information for residents.

What are the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine

Checklist for Level 3 Supported Accommodation

What health conditions should you check for?

a person in a green shirt, holding sanitiser and about to put some one their hands.

Government Management and operational plan for people with disability 

This guides the Australian Health sector response to things like COVID-19.

Management and Operational Plan for People with Disability | Australian Government Department of Health

Cover of the Self-advocate Building Back Better post Covid-19 Resource Thumbnail

Self-advocates building back better after covid-19.

Self-advocates with intellectual disability from Australia and Canada share their stories and concerns about keeping connected during covid.

IDPWD Summary Report Accessible