As an organisation run by and for people with a disability, our members drive everything we do.

Joining QDN gives access to a state-wide network of people with whom to connect, discuss big issues and share lived experience.

Our members are a collective voice advocating for change for people with disability.

Join us to be part of leading and implementing the change.

Become a QDN member

It’s easy to become a QDN member and there is no cost to join. Sign up today and become part of our great network of Queenslanders with a disability.

  • Connect with other Queenslanders with a disability to find new friends and get support
  • Have a say about big picture issues and lead change
  • Drive QDN’s vision, mission and activities
  • Access the latest information about issues that affect people with disability
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Work with business and government to create more accessible and inclusive communities
A young man smiling wearing a black shirt listening at a conference.

Member story

“It’s tremendous. I’ve made friends, and I’ve made professional connections. QDN is an organisation for people with disability by people with disability. So, in connecting with QDN you’re really getting the voice of people living with disability.”
Matt Knott, Bundaberg

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