We work with organisations to help make services, products and workplaces more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Many businesses and government entities want to know how to be more inclusive of customers and employees with disability so they can deliver quality, accessible services and products. QDeNgage connects organisations with specialist consultants who bring professional expertise and lived experience of disability to provide practical business solutions. Our consultants are QDN members who are engaged by organisations to develop strategies and implement plans to create a culture of inclusivity.

Our services include:

  • Disability inclusion reviews
  • Customer consultation and focus groups
  • Product and experience testing
  • Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training
  • Policy development
  • Disability action plans
  • Service design

If you are interested in making your organisation more accessible and inclusive, or you’d like to bring your experience to our team of consultants get in touch - click to go to the contact page to find out more.

A man being interviewed and recorded on an iphone which is set up on a tripod.

Brendon’s story

“As a QDeNgage consultant, I feel so liberated that I can share my skills and knowledge to be involved as a person with a disability in such a transformational and changing Queensland Project such as Smart Ticketing and that I will be heard.”

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Advocacy work

QDN provides a united voice for people with disability to protect rights, inform policy, and lead change for a more inclusive Queensland.

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