We work together to make sure that the community and decision makers know about what is important to people with disability.

We know that for people with disability there can be lots of services, policies, and laws that need to change to make systems and services more inclusive and accessible for people with disability.

We work to speak up about the things that need to change and work with businesses, industry and Government to co-design solutions that will deliver better services across key areas like housing, health, transport, advocacy, employment, aged care and the NDIS.

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A woman in a wheelchair is holding her arms out in expression, and talking towards another man and woman who are seated on a bench in front of a bush and are looking at her.

Member feedback from the NDIS Reform Forum, Pause, Reset, Co-design

“Don’t do anything that compromises the integrity of the original (NDIS) goals. Treat people with dignity, respect and fairness. If a review is necessary, do it across the whole scheme not just on one aspect – planning.”

“Co-design is the way forward to reform the NDIS”

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