We believe in the human rights of people with disability to be fully included equal, valued and active citizens. We want a community that embraces the contributions of all people with disability. We work to build a community that includes people with disability, makes sure their rights are protected and that everyone can be empowered to have a say. We believe that it's important that people with disability are included from the beginning in the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of services, policy, legislation, and products. Nothing about us without us is our motto.

Our Vision

People with disability are active and valued citizens of Queensland.

Our Mission

Empowering people with disability to be fully included as citizens in the social and economic life of the community.

Our Values

Authentic Voice – We are with, and for, all people with disability and ensure those with limited or no voice are heard and valued.

Collaborative Action – We work together to learn from the collective experiences, values and wisdom of people with disability.

Rights – We believe in, and model, a human rights approach that recognises disability as a social issue.

Respect – We value human difference and diversity and build mutual respect through openness and fellowship.

Resilience – We are hopeful, even about the most complex challenges and are here for the long term.


Our strategic direction is formed around a centre of four key pillars: Inform, Connect, Lead and Influence. These elements are core to everything that we do. Our strategic goals are:

  1. To promote and maintain active, vibrant local networks that inform our work and build local capacity
  2. To enhance the leadership and influencing capability of people with disability
  3. To let people know about the lives of people with disability and how to best engage with us
  4. To influence governments and others to bring about full and equal participation, citizenship and protection of rights for all
  5. To grow an independently sustainable, effective, accountable and rights based organisation that reflects our vision, mission, values and principle

Our work focusses on systemic advocacy in the areas of:

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