We believe that there is nothing more fundamental than having somewhere affordable, accessible, secure, and safe to live.

We know that when you don’t have somewhere to live or living in inadequate housing, this has a flow on effect to all parts of your life. It effects your physical and mental health, ability to find and keep a job, and build a social network in your communities.

We believe the ability to choose where and with whom one lives is a basic human right.

We believe that our Four Principles for Inclusive Housing – Rights, Inclusion, Choice and Control are key to drive change in practice, services, design, policy and legislation.

Submissions and consultations

Ensuring people with disability have a voice on issues that affect them is at the heart of what we do.

Our members experience multiple issues when using housing services. We know that people with disability must be part of the solution. They should be actively involved in the design, conduct and evaluation of the housing system.

In the past we have consulted with members to make submissions about:

Two men having a drink. The man on the left is in a wheel chair and wearing a blue and orange shirt and the man on the right is wearing a black and green branded shirt. They are in a bar lunge with a table in front of them and are both laughing.

Member story

“We live, learn and earn in our community. We need to be able to live in our community. We need accessible housing. It’s about the whole community. It’s about living with people.”

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