Our members are people with disability, from all places and communities across Queensland. We come together to connect, lead, inform, and influence.

We believe there is ‘nothing about us without us’ and we use our collective voice to lead and influence change to make a difference in our lives and our communities.

Members can:

  • get information,
  • connect with other people with disability,
  • have a say on lots of topics
  • develop leadership skills, and
  • use your lived experience of disability to influence change.

Click here to become a member.

man with glasses and a checkered shirt smiling at camera

Peter is a consultant

“I wasn’t sure at first, but I now realise that my life experiences as a person living with disability provide really valuable insights to business and government.”

lady in blue dress smiling at camera

Sharon is a Peer Support Group member

“Making new friends and getting support through my local Peer Support Group has helped me become more included in my community.”

Two people chatting outdoors, one in a wheelchair, the other with a white cane.

Des keeps up to date with information

“I know I can jump on the QDN Facebook page or website and get the latest information about things that are important to me. They are my go to place for info.”

Two men having a drink. The man on the right is in a wheel chair and wearing a blue and orange shirt and the man on the left is wearing a black and green branded shirt. They are in a bar lounge.

Ben feels empowered influencing policy change

“I always contribute to member consultations. I know outcomes are better when we come together with a collective voice on policy issues.”

A row of people some in wheelchairs reading information in folders.

Find ways to get involved

There are so many ways you can get involved in QDN. Even if you live in a remote area of Queensland there are on-line ways you can connect with people.

Read moreabout how to get involved.

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