We believe that everyone has the right to work. We want to make sure that people with disability have options and choice in their employment, the right support to find and keep a job and equal pay.

We know that there are lots of barriers to employment for people with disability. We believe it’s important to remove these barriers and have good systems in place that help people learn and work.

Submissions and consultations

Ensuring people with disability have a voice on issues that affect them is at the heart of what we do.

Our members experience multiple issues when dealing with the employment market. We know that people with disability must be part of the solution. They should be actively involved in the design, conduct and evaluation of the jobs market.

Disability Action Week Event 2021, Driving workforce diversity, inclusion and innovation. There is a picture of two rises to the right then an arrow to three circles with images representing transport, communication universal and building design, lifelong learning

Disability Action Week Employment Forum - Driving workforce diversity, inclusion, and innovation - 10 December 2021
If you would like to watch the video from the event head here.

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Member story

“We need to work toward improving the unemployment rate of people with disability within the mainstream workforce.”

“You just have to be creative about how you make it work. You have got to be confident and if you really like something, do it.”