QDN e-News 27 March 2024

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Welcome back to another edition of the QDN e-News. 

QDN Nigel Webb Bursary 2024  

Lara McCrea, a QDN member, was the successful recipient of the 2024 Nigel Webb Bursary. As part of the bursary, Lara will be traveling to visit community leaders in various locations to share her bursary experience, anticipating new perspectives on leadership, communication, engagement, and connection. We can't wait to hear your stories from that experience. Well done, Lara! 

QDN member experiences with taxis   

We strongly encourage QDN members who have had any experiences with being charged incorrectly by taxis, refused service, or have had your TSS cards or cab charge refused to share their stories. The QDN policy team is collecting data to provide feedback to the taxi companies.  

Please call or email the QDN policy team on 1300 363 783 or qdn@qdn.org.au if you have a story you would like to share. 

The Emerging Leaders program for 2024 is off to a great start! 

The image show a group photo of 22 people smalling at the camera during the second emerging leaders workshop.

The launch workshop took place on the 14th and 15th of March. 22 Emerging Leaders attended the workshop, coming from various areas across Queensland. This diverse group brings with them a range of backgrounds and passions in the disability and mental health sectors. All are eager to develop their leadership and advocacy skills, aiming to inform, lead, connect, and influence in both their lives and communities. 

Excitingly, this year's group will join the ranks of over 70 past QDN Emerging Leaders! They are enthusiastic and ready to engage with QDN's numerous projects.  

Don't be surprised if you see one of this year's QDN’s Emerging Leaders consulting for QDeNgage, blogging as a QBlogger, or participating in your next Peer Support Group meeting. 


QDN Life Member Donna Best appointed to Council for National Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Disability Health

The Council sets goals for the Centre and makes sure the Centre is going the best work for people with intellectual disability. There are 10 members of the council that include people with intellectual disability, family members of people with intellectual disability, First Nations people, people who work in the health system, researchers, people with expertise in funding and risk and advocates. The co-chairs for the Council include Judy Hewitt as person with intellectual disability and Professor Eileen Baldry is Emertius Professor in Criminology and social justice advocate. For more information on Council members, please go here.

This image depicts eight individuals posing for a group photo, all facing the camera. These individuals constitute the Council for the National Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Disability Health. Among them is Donna Best, a member of QDN (Queenslanders with Disability Network).

The National Centre is working to provide leadership in intellectual disability health, drive innovation and collaboration, lift the capability of health services to meet the needs of people with intellectual disability through training and development of best practice models of care and lead initiatives in data and research to inform improvements in health and wellbeing. The work of the National Centre will be undertaken by four teams: Driving Change, Health Service Development, Resource & Innovation, and Research & Data. MIDAS leads the Health Service Development team. 

"See Me. Hear Me. Respect Me."  Disability Awareness Campaign Launched 

QDN is proud to have been part of this co-design campaign with Queensland Health (a first of its kind). This powerful campaign, called "See Me. Hear Me. Respect Me.", was inspired by the experiences of QDN members, as well as other people with disabilities, who face numerous challenges in accessing healthcare and communicating their health needs to health practitioners. 

This communication campaign aimed at raising awareness about the unique health and communication needs of people with disability. The campaign aims to empower individuals, especially healthcare practitioners and health staff, to understand and respect these needs, and to create a more inclusive and supportive community where people with disability are seen, heard, and respected. 

The department used a co-design approach in developing the campaign, working closely with QDN members in focus group sessions. The slogan for the campaign, 'See Me. Hear Me. Respect Me' was coined by QDN members and emphasises the importance of acknowledging the unique communication needs of people with disability. This communication campaign highlights that there is no one-size fits all approach with a person with disability. 

Through this campaign, Queensland Health and QDN hopes to encourage people to take action and make a real difference in the lives of people with disability. 

Click here to view the posters and videos of our QDN star members.  

Brisbane Disability Connection Expo Review

A big shoutout to the incredible Developing Australian Communities Brisbane Disability Connection Expo and our fantastic QDN members, and the dedicated staff for their outstanding work over Friday and Saturday recently. It was a tremendous success, and we couldn't have done it without everyone. 

The expo was filled with meaningful connections and interactions with attendees, showcasing the essence of community and inclusivity. 

Our team had the privilege of speaking, connecting, and interacting with individuals with disabilities and organisations who were introduced to QDN for the first time as well as many of our members both old and new. 

A special mention to QDN Member and Developing Australian Communities Co-Founder River Night and his fantastic team for their support of QDN at every stage of planning and preparing for the Expo.  

The Voice of Queenslanders with Disability survey is now closed

The Voice of Queenslanders with Disability Survey is closed, and we would like to thank all 638 respondents for their contributions in sharing their stories again this year. The survey aimed to inform Griffith University, the Queensland Government, and QDN about how people with disabilities are doing across the seven areas outlined in Queensland’s Disability Plan 2022-2027: 

  • Working and earning money 
  • Inclusive homes & communities 
  • Rights, fairness & safety 
  • Getting support 
  • Learning & skills 
  • Health & wellbeing 
  • Community attitudes 

Your contributions are under review, and the Griffith University project team will report back on key outcomes. The 2024 survey report will provide additional information compared to the report completed in 2023, enabling governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities to better understand what is working well and what needs improvement. 

Thank you for sharing your stories. The survey is now closed, and the final report will be released by the Queensland Government and QDN. 

Get Ready and Plan Ahead Workshops taking place around Queensland 

The best way to stay safe and well during a severe storm, flood, bushfire or other emergency, is to have your own plan for your health and safety needs. 

These FREE workshops are to support people with disability learn how to plan for their support needs in emergencies.   

These workshops are presented by people with disability, for people with disability. 

What will you learn? 

  • How to use the Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness tool to identify your strengths and support needs in emergency planning.
  • Your local hazards and risks, such as storms, bushfires, power outages etc.
  • The role of the local council, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, and State Emergency Services in an emergency or disaster.
  • Where to find important information in an emergency or disaster through the Council Dashboard.
  • The important items to have in an emergency kit.

Where are the workshops happening?  


Get Ready, Plan ahead Workshop – Bardon   

It is important to attend both part A and B.  

Part A: Tuesday, 16th April, 9:30am – 12:30pm 

Part B: Tuesday, 30th April, 9:30am – 12:30pm 

Location: Bardon Community Hall, 180 Jubilee Terrace, Bardon 

Hosted with Communify 

Click here to register

Sunshine Coast  

Get Ready, Plan Ahead Workshop – Maroochydore   

It is important to go to both Part A and Part B. 

Part A: Tuesday, 14 of May, 10am-1pm 

Part B: Tuesday, 28 of May, 10am-1pm 

Location: Millwell Road Community Centre, 11 Millwell Rd, Maroochydore. 

Click here to register.

Workshops coming soon 

Brisbane area – Brisbane South and Brisbane North are coming.  

North Queensland - Burdekin and Charters Towers workshops coming. 

Moreton Bay area - Deception Bay workshop coming. 

Policy update 

Policy Update, there is a image of a tick in a box with an arrow coming out the side of the box and circling around back to point at the box.

Progress update on the Disability Royal Commission 

Disability Reform Ministers have issued a joint statement on the Commonwealth, state and territory responses to the Disability Royal Commission which covers the scale and complexity of the reform, and the need to consult.  

Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers have agreed all governments would respond by mid-2024, beyond the original deadline of 31 March 2024, the date recommended by the Disability Royal Commission for all governments to publish responses. Information has been provided that Queensland will respond to the Disability Royal Commission recommendations for which it has sole responsibility by mid-2024. 

Key points: 

  • The date for a response to the Final Report has been pushed out to mid-June 2024. 
  • The Disability Royal Commission Taskforce has been established and will continue to engage with people with disability, their families and carers throughout 2024 to support the government’s response and establish arrangements to monitor and report on implementation. 
  • Prioritisation and timing of the reforms are being carefully considered by government to ensure changes are delivered in a staged and sustainable way to include deeper consultation and co-design. 
  • The progress update includes work the government started before the release of the report including actions under Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031, the new Disability Services and Inclusion Act and significant NDIS reforms including the NDIS Review. 
  • The government acknowledges the strong community interest in education, employment and housing particularly around segregated settings and will continue to consult with people with disability, their families and carers to understand the diverse views before formally responding. 

QDN’s policy team will continue to provide updates in the e-news and engage with members during consultation processes. The progress update is available in Easy Read, AUSLAN, Braille and large print here: Australian Government Progress Update on the Disability Royal Commission | Department of Social Services, Australian Government (dss.gov.au) 

Reforming public transport to make travel accessible for all 

The Australian Government is reforming disability standards to help make public transport more accessible. This is the first major reform to the Transport Standards since they were introduced over 20 years ago. Key points: 

  • The new standards will improve accessibility, support independent travel and ensure people can access information in accessible formats including timetables and updates about disruptions. 
  • Passenger safety when getting on board public transport will be improved with vertical edge barriers required for portable boarding ramps. 
  • More accessible taxi rank spaces will be made available for use by wheelchair accessible taxis. 
  • Public transport staff will understand their roles and responsibilities under the Transport Standards.  

The reforms aim to improve accessibility across the whole public transport journey, including the training of public transport staff to better meet the needs of people with disability and making it easier to find and understand information to plan your trip. They will also aim to improve accessibility at stops and stations, making it easier to get on and off while ensuring safety and amenity on board public transport services.

QDN was one of more than 500 participants who took part in a range of consultation events and activities. A summary document outlining the reform process and 76 reform areas is available, including in Easy English, Auslan and languages other than English, at http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/transport-standards-reform. The full Decision Regulation Impact Statements for both stages of reform are also available. 

For more information: www.infrastructure.gov.au/infrastructure-transport-vehicles/transport-accessibility    

QDN Submission - Inquiry into the Provision and Regulation of Supported Accommodation in Queensland 

In February 2024 QDN made a submission to the Inquiry into the Provision and Regulation of Supported Accommodation in Queensland.  

Overall, QDN completed approximately 50 visits to 22 facilities across the state, engaged with over 550 residents and staff, and supported 120 residents to make individual submissions to the parliamentary inquiry.  

QDN also appeared at the Parliamentary Inquiry. Michelle Moss, CEO, Alison Maclean, a QDN member who worked on the project and past resident of Supported Accommodation, and Paige Armstrong, organisational consultant, provided feedback and evidence for the inquiry.  

Submissions made to the inquiry can be read here: https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/Work-of-Committees/Committees/Committee-Details?cid=165&id=4298  

Queensland’s first Queensland Women and Girl’s Health Strategy 2032 and Investment Plan  

The Queensland's first Queensland Women and Girls' Health Strategy 2032 and Investment Plan was recently launched. Over 12,000 women and girls and organisations that provide health and other services to women and girls were consulted to inform the development of the Strategy.  

The aim of the strategy is that all Queensland women and girls are well and healthy throughout their lives and can participate in social, economic and cultural activities. To support this aim, there is an investment of nearly $250 million over the period to 2027-28 to address health inequity for women and girls, the Government is anticipated to spend more than $1 billion over the next five years on women and girls' health and wellbeing programs and new services to better meet their needs. 

Find out more: https://www.health.qld.gov.au/system-governance/strategic-direction/plans/women-and-girls-health-strategy 

Fees and charges reform for key services – public consultation 

Queensland Public Trustee is proposing to reform its fees and charges for financial management, deceased estates, and trust administration. To inform public discussion and feedback, the Queensland Public Trustee: Fees and charges for key services – public consultation paper provides detailed fee reform options for key services. The paper also includes discussion about fee rebates and the free Will-making service and welcomes feedback for future consideration. 

The consultation paper is now available for review and comment. You can provide feedback by answering the questions in the consultation paper and sending a written submission to: 

email: FeesandChargesProject@pt.qld.gov.au 

post: Queensland Public Trustee
Fees and Charges Project
GPO Box 1449
Brisbane, QLD, 4001 

Public consultation closes on Wednesday 3 April 2024. 

For more information or to read the consultation paper: https://www.pt.qld.gov.au/about/fees-and-charges/fees-and-charges-reform-for-key-services-public-consultation/  

Joint submission – QDN, QAI and WWILD - Housing, Big Build and Manufacturing Committee on the Criminal Code (Decriminalising Sex Work) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 

QDN, QAI and WWILD recently made a joint submission to the Housing, Big Build and Manufacturing Committee on the Criminal Code (Decriminalising Sex Work) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024. This submission provided an opportunity to advocate for removal of legislative inconsistency in the Criminal Code regarding sexual expression for people with an intellectual disability. 

Submissions are available to read here: https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/Work-of-Committees/Committees/Committee-Details?cid=240&id=4366#:~:text=About%20the%20BILL&text=The%20objective%20of%20the%20Criminal,legal%20protections%20for%20sex%20workers  

QDN submission - Inquiry into NDIS Participant Experience in Rural, Regional and Remote Australia  

QDN, with valuable input from members, recently wrote a submission for the inquiry into NDIS participant experience in rural, regional and remote Australia. Thank you to the members involved - Your advocacy journey is an important part of a broader movement toward a more inclusive and equitable society. 

QDN's submission to the inquiry is available to view here: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/National_Disability_Insurance_Scheme/RuralRegionalandRemote/Submissions 

NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce – Make a submission 

The NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce has been established to provide advice on the design and implementation of the new graduated risk-proportionate regulatory model proposed in the NDIS Review Final Report. The Taskforce will consult with people with disabilities, their families and advocates, the NDIS provider market, workforce representatives, and other relevant stakeholders. 

The Taskforce is providing advice on key design elements related to Recommendation 17 of the Report. Recommendation 17 is to develop and deliver a risk-proportionate model for the visibility and regulation of all providers and workers, and strengthen the regulatory response to long-standing and emerging quality and safeguards issues 

The Taskforce wants to hear from you – they have provided specific questions you can answer in your submission.  

For more information or to make a submission: https://engage.dss.gov.au/ndis-provider-and-worker-registration-taskforce/ndis-provider-and-worker-registration-taskforce-make-a-submission/  

What's on

Peer Support Groups

  • Wednesday, 3 April 2024, MAC Group for over 65s, 11:30am-12:30pm, online via Zoom.  
  • Friday, 5 April 2024, Gympie Peer Support Group, 9:30am-11:30am, at the Gunabul Homestead, 9 Power Road, Southside QLD, Gympie. 
  • Friday, 5 April 2024, Gold Coast Hot Topics Peer Support Group, 10:30am-12:30pm, at the Southport Community Centre, 6 Lawson Street, Southport QLD 4215. 
  • Monday, 8 April 2024, S.T.U.D.I.E Peer Support Group, 5:30pm-7:30pm, online via Zoom.
  • Tuesday, 9 April 2024, Gladstone Peer Support Group, 12:30pm-1:30pm, at Gladstone City Library – 39 Goondoon St, Gladstone Central QLD 4680.
  • Friday, 12 April 2024, Gold Coast peer Support Group, 10:30am - 12:30pm, at Nerang Library, Corner of White and, Price St, Nerang QLD 4211.
  • Monday, 15 April 2024, QDN Online Peer Support Group, 10:30am-12:30pm, online via Zoom.
  • Wednesday, 17 April 20024, Brisbane Peer Support Group, 10:30am- 12:00pm, at QDN office and online via Zoom.
  • Wednesday, 17 April 20024, Deception Bay Peer Support Group, 10:30am- 12:30pm, at Deception Bay Darts Club, 32 Bayview Terrace, Deception Bay.
  • Friday, 19 April 2024, Tablelands Peer Support Group, 10:30am-12:30pm, at the Mareeba Library, 43 Anzac Ave, Mareeba QLD 4880.
  • Friday, 19 April 2024, Parenting Peer Support Group, 11:00am-1pm, face-to-face at the QDN office and online via Zoom.
  • Friday, 19 April 2024, Cairns Yarning Circle, 12:30pm-2:00pm, at MaraWay Community Hub, 86 Anderson St, Manunda QLD 4870.

Disability Royal Commission - Education Forum

QDN members are invited to attend an online forum about the recommendations made in the Disability Royal Commission Final Report related to education. You can access the report here.

This is an opportunity for QDN members to come together to share their thoughts and feedback. During the first part of the forum, we will share some information about the recommendations related to education, and in the second half of the forum there will be an opportunity for small group discussions.

This is a free online event for QDN members. Registration for this event will close Monday 8 April at 5pm. This event will be recorded. The recording and a summary will be made available after the event.

Date: Tuesday 9 April

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Location: Online via Zoom – the link will be provided  

Register and find out more information here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/868090952407?aff=oddtdtcreator 

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact QDN at qdn@qdn.org.au or 1300 363 783. 

Get Ready, Plan Ahead Workshops – Brisbane 


Learn how to plan for your health and safety in emergencies such as severe storms, floods, bushfires, and heatwaves.  

It is important to attend both Part A and Part B. 

Part A: Tuesday, 16th April, 10 am – 1 pm 

Part B: Tuesday, 30th April, 10 am – 1 pm 

Location: Bardon Community Hall, 180 Jubilee Terrace, Bardon 

Click here to register 

Get Ready, Plan Ahead Workshops – Sunshine Coast  


Learn how to plan for your health and safety in emergencies such as severe storms, floods, bushfires, and heatwaves.  

It is important to go to both Part A and Part B. 

Part A: Tuesday, 14 of May, 10am-1pm 

Part B: Tuesday, 28 of May, 10am-1pm 

Location: Millwell Road Community Centre, 11 Millwell Rd, Maroochydore. 

Click here to register 

QDN Membership  

If you or someone you know would like to be a QDN member apply here:  https://qdn.org.au/membership/qdn-member-application/  

From our supporters 

Empowering Inclusivity at 4ZZZFM: Fostering Community Connection! 

4ZZZFM is situated in the heart of Fortitude Valley at Barry Parade. Queensland’s longest-running FM radio station has been a steadfast provider of alternative music, news, and culture since its inauguration in 1975. As a not-for-profit community broadcaster, it boasts a rich history of amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. 

Last year, the radio secured funding to enhance support for people living with disabilities who are eager to volunteer at 4ZZZFM. Salty Otton, Volunteer Coordinator at 4ZZZFM, is reaching out to organizations interested in bringing along their community members. For Salty Otton, someone affected by a disability, this cause is exceptionally close to her heart. 

Despite the building presenting accessibility challenges, 4ZZZ is committed to making it more inclusive. While modifications to the building are underway, there are diverse opportunities for volunteering at 4ZZZFM. 

If you're keen to explore collaborative opportunities, please reach out to them at salty@4zzz.org.au. 

Accessible Beaches Australia  

Accessible Beaches Australia is excited to launch our new campaign to make EVERY beach accessible for EVERYONE. 

We are calling on the government to increase funding and support to Councils and Surf Life Saving Clubs to make our beaches more accessible to people with disabilities and mobility challenges. 

All Australians should be able to enjoy the Australian beach lifestyle. 

Sign the petition at Accessible Beaches Australia  

Watch their great video  - https://www.facebook.com/accessiblebeaches/videos/939553537819213/?extid=CL-UNK-UNK-UNK-IOS_GK0T-GK1C 

The Circle Way @ Work 

Entering 2024 with renewed aspirations and big plans? Social Media Tile with flowers background with a black circle at the middle. Text at the middle says, The Circle Way @ Work. 23 & 24 April 2024. Brisbane

Feel like old ways of meeting and cooperating are no longer of service to you? 

Register now… to refresh the way, you bring people together for meetings or projects to ensure real collaboration, sustainable outcomes and robust relationships. 

The Circle Way offers practical methods to gather people around a purpose, facilitate respectful conversation and support the leader in every chair.

This two-day workshop is interactive and experiential. Participants learn and practice the techniques for hosting and planning conversations that support wise decision making and real outcomes.  

Walk away with a plan for a new way forward…

Community services and groups, educators and managers, boards and committees…. feel free to share this invitation wherever you see it serve. 

Follow this link for more information and to register now!


Accessible Travel Information Session for Parents, Family & Supports - Presented by Queensland Rail

Join Down Syndrome Queensland for this exciting event that aims to discuss inclusive travel options and provide firsthand information about inclusive facilities and services. The event will be dedicated to assisting with information on accessible travel for people with intellectual disabilities and overcoming travel-related barriers. Plus, it's completely free, which is amazing!

Date: Wednesday 10th April 2024

Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Location: You can join in person at the DSQ Ascot Office or via Zoom.

To register, please click here.

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