The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is making a difference in the lives of 90,000 Queenslanders with disability.

Queenslanders with disability, their families and supporters have worked together for over a decade to ensure that they can access the supports they need to live their day to day life.

QDN supports our members to ensure they have the information they need to help navigate the NDIS including

connecting to Peer Support Groups. We think it’s important that people with disability have the information they need to ensure the NDIS works well for them. We help connect people to information through our different projects. Our systemic advocacy work makes sure people with disability can have a say, give their feedback and make sure Queenslanders with disability are involved in the co-design of future changes to the scheme.

Submissions and consultations

QDN members give collective feedback to policy makers about the NDIS through our regular consultations and submissions. We make sure that the design and evolution of the scheme involves those who it was designed to serve.

We are currently consulting with our members about:

If you would like to take part in a consultation, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch by calling 1300 363 783 or you can send us an email.

Through our consultations, our members have provided input for submissions about:

Current projects

From time to time, we take on projects that link to our purpose and mission. These are usually short, focussed pieces of work that specifically relate to important issues raised by members

Targeted outreach project

QDN is working with our project partners QCOSS, ADA Australia and the Queensland Government to help more eligible Queenslanders with disability join the NDIS. The project helps to inform about how the NDIS can give access to much-needed supports. It also provides free and practical individual support to apply for access to the NDIS through the dedicated regional Assessment and Referral Team (ART).

Read more about the Targeted Outreach project

GP Toolkit

QDN was pleased to be contracted by Brisbane North Primary Healthcare Network to develop a toolkit for General Practitioners (GPs) to assist them in supporting people to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The toolkit contains a range of information for GPs, Allied Health professionals and practice staff with tips to assist in completing access request documentation for patients. This toolkit will assist GPs and Allied Health professionals in the critical role they play in assisting eligible participants to provide evidence of their disability and the functional impacts on their day to day life.

You can find the GP Toolkit here Opens a new window in another website.

Two women and a man standing around another man in a chair.

Member story

“I now have a new wheelchair and access to regular physiotherapy and podiatry services. Since the NDIS I am much more active in the community. I am more mobile, happier and fitter! I also have a clean and tidy house!”

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