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Brisbane Games 2032, Visioning Forum.

Brisbane Games 2032 - Visioning Forum

QDN held an online 'Visioning Forum - For Queenslanders with Disability' on the 13th of June. A summary report will be available soon.

There is a photo in a circle with a woman wearing dark glasses and holding a cane, standing next to a taxi sign.

Taxis and passengers with disability 

QDN held a 'members only' online event around taxis and passengers with disability. We will let you know when the summary report is available.

Three circles connected by lines. There is a graphic in each circle, a computer screen, two speech bubbles and a smart phone.

Digital Inclusion Workshops

There will be workshops held  to support people to learn the skills they need to access information online during a disaster.

IpswichBardon - New Farm

Peer Support Groups logo, Connecting people with disability - There is a speech bubble with 8 different coloured graphics of people circling it.

Peer Support Group meetings

Looking for a place to connect, meet new people, find out more about topics of interest like NDIS, navigating hospitals and healthcare or housing. Come along to one of QDN’s Peer Support Groups.

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A man in a wheelchair and a woman standing holding a cane are outdoors in front of some trees laughing together.

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“QDN’s strength is the diversity of our members, our ability to engage with peers, our supporters, the community and governments’ to further the social and economic contribution of Queenslanders with disability.”

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