We welcome all people with disability into our Peer Support Groups.

The groups are an inclusive place for people with disability to get together to:

  • learn new things
  • meet new people
  • share life experiences
  • connect with the community

We have made it easy and free for you to join.

Many pink, grey and blue circles of different sizes with white people in them. The graphics are of multiple people talking or groups of people meeting or single people welcoming someone into a group. There are grey dotted paths connected all the circles and the whole image makes the shape of Queensland.

Ways to join

Digital Stories

Hear from QDN members about why they joined a Peer Support Group.

Two women, the one in the foreground is out of focus but she is holding a microphone. The woman in the background is in focus, she has short light brown hair and wearing a light blue long sleeved shirt.

Christine White - Peer Leader

The first of the Peer Support Group digital stories is Christine White. Christine talks about how the Peer Support Groups have impacted her life and why she believes they benefit people with disability.


a lady with blonde hair sitting in a chair. She has a pink dress on.

Nadia Brady - Peer Leader

Nadia talks about her experience with the Peer Support Groups. "The biggest change for me since joining a Peer Support Group is i'm able to be on an even footing in terms of being part of my community because I am able to give back as a Peer Leader".


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