QDN has a small, dedicated team that consists of staff who work full time and part time.

Senior Management Team

A woman with shoulder length blonde hair, wearing a white singlet top and smiling at the camera.

Michelle Moss, Chief Executive Officer

I have worked in the human services sector for almost 30 years including disability, health, and domestic violence. I have worked in both Government and non-Government sectors in a variety of roles including direct support work, complex behaviour support, policy, training and education, consumer and community engagement and project management. My work is founded on a strong commitment to ensuring the voice of people is part of the public policy and the design, planning and evaluation of services and systems.

Steve Coulter, General Manager of Communication, Engagement and Membership

I have 23 years’ experience of working in communication, media and marketing, mostly within the not-for-profit sector. Having a personal connection to people living with disability,  it drives my commitment to social justice, inclusion, and equality. I have worked for Spinal Life, PresCare, Centacare, Brisbane Airport Corporation, QPCU and The Co-Operative Society (UK).

Brendan Geaney, Finance and Corporate Services Manager 

I am accounting professional with over 30 years’ experience that include 15+ years in the not-for-profit sector, working for Surf Lifesaving Queensland and PCYC. My passion is working within this sector. I have also gained 12 years’ experience of working across manufacturing and service industries in North Queensland and Brisbane.

Karen Maciolek smiling at the camera

Karen Maciolek, Manager of Policy and Programs

With an extensive career spanning over two decades in the dynamic realm of human services, I bring a wealth of experience across the domains of disability support and aged care. My journey has been marked by diverse roles that have enriched my understanding of this field: from hands-on direct support and coordination to effective service management, positive behavior support, and to senior management. My professional journey has been underpinned by an unwavering dedication to the principles of social justice. Guided by this, I consistently advocate for equitable opportunities and rights for all individuals.


The QDN Team

Amy Anderson, Project Officer - Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DIDRR)

Andrew Backhouse, Project Officer - Peer Support

Anna Wilkinson, Project Officer - Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DIDRR)

Anthony Smith, Project Support Officer - QDeNgage

Caio Medeiros, Media and Communications Officer

Carla Mendoza, QDeNgage Lead - QDeNgage

Christine White, Project Officer - Emerging Leaders

Deb Koning, Administration Assistant

Helen Styles, Team Lead - Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DIDRR)

Isobel Gordon, Policy and Engagement Officer

Jess Gleeson, Support Officer - Projects & Engagement

Melia McCarthy, Communications Officer

Nicole Taylor, Engagement Lead - Peer Support

Rebecca Cason, Senior Policy Officer

Suzanne Mincher, Executive and Office Manager

Syani Linarto, Finance Officer

Tammy Drake, Administration Officer

Tiffany Corboy, Administration Officer

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