QBloggers is a member driven blogging community to connect with other like-minded individuals. With the aim to create change by discussing the topics that matter to people with disability.

Becoming a blogger these days is easier than ever before!  You can blog via video, audio or written, using many channels that include podcasts, vblogs,or digital. Our QBloggers have the support of QDNs’ Communications Team who can help you on your blogging journey!

What is a Blogging Community?

Blogging communities are groups of bloggers formed around a central idea, commonality or interest. In the case of QDN these topics/interests are member driven and topics that make up our policy areas that we then advocate on. QBloggers aims to help writers connect around shared blog topics, offering our bloggers a chance to grow together and learn from one another's experiences and expertise! Our QBlogging community can also help generate ideas for future policy work and blog content. QBloggers are encouraged to research and foster relationships with people in the community who they may interview as part of their blog.

How do I Join?

Well, first of all you have to be a QDN member, QBloggers is open to everyone, and it isn’t dependent on your experience of communicating or blogging. QBloggers receive a nominal fee for the time spent on their blog. If you are interested please apply via this form or if you want to discuss becoming a QBlogger give us a call on 1300 363 783.

Our QBloggers and their blogs....

Our first QBlogger blog chosen by our QBloggers was about taxis, and being taxi users within their local community. This blog is by Jeni Lewington and Karene Gravener who come from difference areas of Queensland and bring a unique experience of being a taxi user within their blogs.

QBloggers Logo - the Q looks like an old school microphone with a electric flash through it and there is a pen above the text bloggers.