Jodie Cowie

Jodie is a parent, friend, family member, a sometimes musician and a sometimes artist, a human services worker, and a person living with a disability.

She sustained an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in late 2020, and to put it politely, life has been one great learning process since. It has also been confronting and disappointing at times, as she has experienced first-hand that not only systems, but people, community attitudes and multiple other facets of the world, continue to place a multitude of limitations, barriers and assumptions for disabled people to be able to participate and thrive within our society.

With almost two decades of working professionally in the human services sector, as well as her lived experiences, Jodie has developed a deep commitment to social justice and this has been part of the catalyst for her involvement with QDN QBloggers.

A perpetual optimist, she is hopeful that the collective voices of the QDN members and sharing of individual stories and experiences will influence and reshape policies, systems, dispel assumptions, support inclusion and improve lives for those living with disabilities.

She looks forward to sharing some of her experiences with you.

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