The black Queensland Government Coat of Arms above the words 'Queensland Government'.                                                              The QDN logo, which is made up of the navy blue capital letters QDN, with words 'Queenslanders with Disability Network' in a light grey font beneath. Below this are the words 'Nothing about us without us' in navy blue italic font.


See Me. Hear Me. Respect Me.

Disability Awareness Campaign

QDN is proud to have been part of this co-design campaign with Queensland Health (a first of its kind). This powerful campaign, called "See Me. Hear Me. Respect Me.", was inspired by the experiences of QDN members, as well as other people with disabilities, who face numerous challenges in accessing healthcare and communicating their health needs to health practitioners.

This communication campaign aimed at raising awareness about the unique health and communication needs of people with disability. The campaign aims to empower individuals, especially healthcare practitioners and health staff, to understand and respect these needs, and to create a more inclusive and supportive community where people with disability are seen, heard, and respected.

The department used a co-design approach in developing the campaign, working closely with QDN members in focus group sessions. The slogan for the campaign, 'See Me. Hear Me. Respect Me' was coined by QDN members and emphasises the importance of acknowledging the unique communication needs of people with disability. This communication campaign highlights that there is no one-size fits all approach with a person with disability.

Through this campaign, Queensland Health and QDN hopes to encourage people to take action and make a real difference in the lives of people with disability.


Click the below images to watch some of the campaign videos!

A screen clipping of linked YouTube video. The background is a blurred image of two women sitting close by and talking to each other. One is wearing a red shirt and the other is wearing a green shirt. In the center of the shot there is a light pink text box with white text in the center 'A strong voice'. At the bottom of the screen clipping there is the YouTube banner, with play, pause, skip buttons.

Have a look at the campaign posters below.