Disability Action Week Employment Forum - Summary Report

Driving workforce diversity, inclusion, and innovation

In conjunction with Disability Action Week, QDN hosted an online employment forum – Driving workforce diversity, inclusion, and innovation, on the 10th of December 2021.

Having access to a secure job is not only essential to a person’s economic security, but gives people a sense of purpose and achievement, which is central to fostering good mental health and creating an enriched life free from poverty. Overwhelmingly, QDN members indicate that they want to engage in some form of work. The barrier to secure work is not their abilities, but a lack of opportunities.

Feedback from QDN members shaped and informed this forum including the breakout sessions and key topics and speakers. design, speakers, and each of the concurrent sessions explored a key theme in relation to inclusion and equity in the workplace for people with disabilities, acknowledging the barriers experienced by people and focussing on how to address those barriers through tangible solutions.

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QDN, Disability Action Week Event 2021, Driving workforce diversity, inclusion and innovation, 10 December 2021 There are three circles with photos and titles below - Dr Dinesh Palipana - 2021 Queenslander of the Year, Cody Skinner - Emerging Leaders, Katie Brooker - Mater Health, Catrin Culla - Mater Health.