Going for Gold: Accessible, Affordable Housing Now launched

In May 2017 Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) was pleased to launch our housing position paper “Going for Gold: Accessible, Affordable Housing Now” which unapologetically promotes the perspectives of people with disability.

QDN is also pleased to launch 5 digital stories, showcasing the lived experience of people with disability and what is important in finding and achieving a place to call home.

QDN’s housing position paper outlines a way forward for the three levels of Government, statutory bodies, and the private, public and community sectors. The paper’s four principles and recommendations target actions to achieve a more inclusive housing system where people with disability have secure, affordable, accessible and well-located housing in the same way as other Australians.

Nigel Webb QDN Chairperson of the Board says, “The time to go for gold is now”.

Watch the housing launch video

Housing Position Paper – Word
Housing Position Paper – pdf

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