Connecting you to people with lived experience of disability to help you grow your business or organisation.

Would you like to know more about how you can grow your customer base, and develop your services to be inclusive and accessible for the almost one million Queenslanders who have a disability?

There are almost one million Queenslanders living with a disability who want to access all that business and community has to offer. QDeNgage has the experience and knowledge to make that possible.  Reach out to us today to find out how.  

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Services we offer

QDeNgage consultants can assist to plan, design, deliver and evaluate services, products, and policy to deliver on quality, accessibility, affordability, inclusion and innovation. 

We can help link you with people with disability with lived experience, and consultants with specialist knowledge and expertise to: 

  • Undertake disability inclusion health checks of your business or organisation 
  • Provide guest speakers, including people with disability, to share information, experiences and knowledge from the perspective of a person with disability 
  • Consultancy services to assist with policy, disability action plans, service design and user friendly accessible communications etc 
  • Disability inclusion training for staff and workplaces 
  • Host consumer and customer engagement sessions with people with disability
  • Host co-design workshops to bring together people with disability and other stakeholders to help you plan, design, or test your products or services 
  • Design and undertake targeted surveys

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