We have a team of people with disability from across Queensland with a broad range of skills and experience. This may include specialist skills such as public speaking, expertise in a particular industry (e.g. housing or transport), or providing feedback, advice and being on Advisory groups, co-design workshops, user-testing groups and consultations and engagements.

People with disability have specialist knowledge, expertise and unique perspectives and can help businesses, industry, organisations and government make their products, services, environments and policy more inclusive and accessible. There are lots of different opportunities to engage and share your knowledge and expertise.

Apply to become a QDeNgage Consultant 

  1. Read the ‘Information for QDeNgage Applicants’  here .
  2. Become a QDN member (it’s free). You can apply  here  or by calling the QDN office on 1300 363 783 
  3. Update your resume, ready to attach to your application. If you do not have a Resume, you can use our template  here .
  4. Complete a ‘QDeNgage Consultant or Representative Application Formdownload the editable form  here  and email this completed form and your resume to engage@qdn.org.au .
  5. Ask your referees to complete this  Referee Report  and return them to QDN at engage@qdn.org.au. If you need help with this please ask us.  

     QDN recommends that people with disability, whilst engaged as QDeNgage representatives or consultants, are paid for their time and are reimbursed for their expenses.  

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