QDN’s response to release of ninth annual National Shelter-SGS Economics and Planning Rental Affordability Index

The ninth annual National Shelter-SGS Economics and Planning Rental Affordability Index has just been released. The report shares information about the current state of rental affordability across Australia. The report has revealed that rental affordability has worsened in every city in Australia except Hobart and Canberra, with Australia’s regions also experiencing declines in affordability.

Greater Brisbane has the third lowest affordability rating among Australia’s cities, with median rentals at $553 a week costing 28% of average income. Additionally, regional Queensland is now the least affordable place of all regions and capital cities with median rentals at $553 costing 30%of average income, a figure which meets the threshold for rental stress.

QDN believes that everyone deserves a safe, accessible, secure, and affordable place to live.

Here are some of QDN’s key housing advocacy focus areas in response to the index:

  1. Establish a long-term national housing plan for Australia that includes a National Housing Strategy for people with disability in consultation with people with disability.
  2. Endorse and action the National Plan for Affordable Housing as developed by the National Affordable Housing Alliance (NAHA) with a key focus on the supply of accessible social and affordable housing that meets universal design standards (Gold standard).
  3. Develop and invest in a new scheme to replace National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) - which finishes in Queensland in 2025 - and increase the supply of new and affordable rental dwellings by providing financial incentives.
  4. Greater flexibility of support from bond loan, rental subsidy and other schemes to help people with priority for housing in the private sector.
  5. More funding for RentConnect and other housing options work across Queensland.
  6. Increase of Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 50% for people with disability.
  7. Regulate rent increases to no more than CPI.

We know that the rental affordability challenges highlighted in the Index have serious impacts on QDN’s members. By sharing our stories and raising our voices, we can drive change to improve housing outcomes for people with disability.

If you need support with housing, the following housing services are available to assist people with disability:


RentConnect helps people find and apply for a place to rent. This service may also be able to help people who have no identification documents or rental history, or who are trying to prove they will be a good renter/tenant.


QSTARS is a free independent advice and referral service for all Queensland renters. You can phone the statewide advice number on 1300 744 263.

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