Know Your Rights Guide for people with disability to get the hospital care they need during COVID-19

Know your rights: Getting the hospital care you need during COVID-19

Resources for people with disability and their supporters

People with disability need to access hospital care during the COVID-19 pandemic, both if they get sick with COVID-19 or if they need essential healthcare. It is a right for people with disability and their families and carers to have equitable access to healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak.

These resources assist people with disability to get the right care, in the right place, at the right time and in a way that meets their needs.

The ‘Know your rights’ resources will help you:

  • Understand the changes that may be in place in hospitals because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Know your rights to accessing hospital and healthcare during COVID-19
  • Get prepared and plan for what you need to do before hospital, and what you might need to take with you
  • Advocate for yourself in hospital, and know where to go to access other advocacy supports and information

There are also helpful checklists to assist you in keeping track of what you have prepared.

The ‘Know your rights’ resources include:

Full guide – Know your rights: Getting the hospital care you need during COVID-19

Cover of the Know you rights Resource

This guide includes information about:

Hospital and healthcare during COVID-19,

What to do to prepare for accessing hospital care and what to take with you,

The rights of people with disability in hospital care during COVID-19, and

Information around further advocacy, support and other resources.

Short Summary – My rights and hospital care during COVID-19 for people with disability


This is a shorter summary of the full guide including:

A checklist of things people with disability may need to think about and prepare.



Postcard size checklists 

This is a postcard size checklists to assist people with disability in thinking about and preparing to go to hospital during COVID-19

“I have found the information in this resource so helpful to me and my supporters in my current situation. As a person with disability who is currently in hospital and someone who was part of the co-design of these resources, the practical tips and information to help me navigate my way made such a difference. I had all my information together to bring with me and help my healthcare team understand about me and my needs”

Sharon Boyce, QDN member and Board Director

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