Every Australian Counts

Everyone wants people with disability to have a good, safe and decent life. And for that reason, Australians from all walks of life support the NDIS. But this year, the Federal Government have on a relentless NDIS 'cost blowouts' scare campaign. The NDIS changes people's lives.  And bonus - it is good for the economy too. “Recent modelling by Per Capita shows that for every dollar spent in the NDIS there is a $2.25 return to the economy – that’s a $52.4bn dividend in the last year alone.”

The Treasurer Josh Frydenburg is going to release an update on the Federal budget. Judging by the stories leading up to this - it seems the NDIS will be singled out and scrutinised in ways that other budget areas wont (like submarine contracts, JobKeeper profits, and so on). So, when the Treasurer talks about the costs of the NDIS today we hope he remembers a few things. Every Australian Counts has said they hope he remembers that the original Productivity Commission reports on the NDIS said it would cost the government more to NOT have an NDIS.

Every Australian Counts is asking the Treasurer to remember when talking about the Federal Government's plans to get more people into work that the NDIS helps with that too - both for people with disability and families, but for the support workers and providers paid for in people's NDIS plans. We hope he remembers that for every billion cut from the NDIS, 10,200 jobs are lost with it. But most of all Every Australian Counts is asking him to remember  that behind these numbers are real people - who are not to be blamed for getting access to their most fundamental human rights.

People with disability, service providers, and opposition parties all agree. See more from a recent story in The Australian here.


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