COVID-19 Update - December 2021 Week 3

As the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing in Australia, we encourage you to keep on top of health alerts, you can find this information here. With the spread of the Omicron variant and the opening of the Queensland border, it might be a good time to remember to social distance, if you can wear a mask when you can’t socially distance and practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands and using hand sanitizer when needed.

It might be a good time to think about checking out our Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness Planning (P-CEP) COVID-19 resources. It’s a guide to assisting you and develop your own emergency preparedness plan for COVID-19. You can view it here.

Just a reminder from the 17th December, restrictions on businesses will be further eased. These venues include:

  • hospitality venues such as pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets
  • indoor entertainment venues such as nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres or cinemas, casinos
  • outdoor entertainment activities such as sporting stadiums or theme parks
  • festivals – either indoor or outdoor – such as musical festivals, folk festivals or arts festivals
  • activities – either indoor or outdoor – such as convention centres and showgrounds
  • Queensland Government owned galleries, museums or libraries

Many businesses and venues will be able to return to operating at full capacity. However, there will be restrictions on people who are not fully vaccinated.

It is important if you are vaccinated that you link your vaccination status to your ‘QLD Check in’ app. For more information on how to do this click here.


Dark blue background with pink text saying Covid-19 Update. Below are four circles with graphics of hand sanitiser, mask, people social distancing and a Covid vaccination needle.