Be Connected: Get Connected

There are many people with disability living in our community who for a range of reasons are not digitally connected. This issue is really important for people, especially during times of emergency or natural disasters.

We are partnering with GIVT and Volunteering Queensland to help change this and we are proud to launch our new program, the Access Affordability Ability (AAA) Digital Inclusion project.

The project provides ACCESS to digital devices, AFFORDABILITY - information about data to stay connected and ABILITY – skills and knowledge on how to use the device.

If you are someone, or know of someone with a disability who needs access to a digital device and can’t afford one, and lives in Ipswich, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Townsville areas contact QDN on 1300 363 783 or complete an online form.


Three circles with a graphic in each - a computer, two speech bubbles and a mobile phone. The text next to it says Get Connected, Be Connected.