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We will be working to provide a comprehensive review very shortly for our members and supporters.


The Royal Commission’s Final report

Today is a significant day for people with disability with the release of the Final Report from the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of People with Disability.

Four and a half years ago, in April 2019, the Royal Commission was established, a culmination of tireless advocacy and determination from both advocates and the disability community. Throughout this journey, marked by the challenges of a global pandemic, the Royal Commission conducted 32 public hearings and received 7,944 submissions. Astonishingly, 55% of these submissions came from people with disabilities, and 29% from their family members.

We acknowledge the courage of our members and others who shared their stories, reliving their pain in the hope that their experiences would pave the way for a different, safer future. As a result, the Royal Commission has compiled 222 recommendations that will hopefully guide us towards creating a more inclusive Australia, a place where people with disabilities can live without the fear of violence, abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

In the days to come, QDN will take the time to carefully read and digest the Report’s contents. We acknowledge the trauma and impact this report may have on people and encourage people to access support if needed and information is below.

We will be working to provide a comprehensive review very shortly for our members and supporters.

In the meantime, you can access the full Report here.

The Royal Commission has also published A brief Guide to the Final Report. This guide explains how information is organised in the Final report. It is for a broad audience including people with disability, their families and carers, other members of the Australian community, disability advocates, service providers and people looking to quickly find the information they need.

Remember, if you find yourself in need of support. Blue Knot offers free specialist counseling and referrals to those affected by the Royal Commission. This is in place over the coming months. You can reach out to them at 1800 421 468, available from 9am to 6pm AEDT Monday through Friday, and 9am to 5pm AEDT on weekends and public holidays. Alternatively, Lifeline is available, 24/7, at 13 11 14.

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