e-Blast: New Everyday Practice Resources Now Available Online

Since July 2019, QDN has been working in partnership with Amergin, the Community Resource Unit (CRU) and Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ) to deliver the Everyday Practice support service. Everyday Practice is a free, national education and community online education and capacity building resource for NDIS Providers and NDIS Participants. It aims to help NDIS Providers and NDIS Participants understand what best practice NDIS service delivery looks like, on an everyday basis.

QDN is pleased to share the announcement of the launch of resources for three additional topics, which include complaints and incident management, privacy consent and record keeping and what a best practice compliance provider looks like.

The first three topic areas were launched in January 2020, and these focused on the importance of quality and safety in the NDIS, provider registration and participant safety and core practice standards and the NDIS Code of Conduct.

You can click here to go to the new Everyday Practice resources. QDN members have been part of the production of videos and co-designed the resources to ensure that these are user-friendly and focus on what people with disability need to know about NDIS quality and safeguards.

QDN believes that it is critical that people with disability understand their rights to quality and safe practices particularly in the COVID-19 environment.  It is important to know, as NDIS participants, what you can expect to be delivered within the legislative frameworks and practice standards. It is also important that providers can hear directly from people about what good practice looks and feels like to help shape their services and practice.

You can find out more about Everyday Practice here. On the website you can find a range of videos, fact sheets, guides and interactive online activities containing examples and case studies of NDIS best practice. Look out for QDN members you might know in the videos!