Easing Queensland’s Restrictions – What we can do now and stage 1

The Australian Government has announced a three-stage plan to begin easing COVID-19 restrictions. Using the national plan as a foundation, each State and Territory have developed their own plan, including a plan specifically for Queensland.

This e-blast will let you know what restrictions are currently in place and what is proposed for Stage 1. As information about COVID-19 is changing all the time, QDN will keep members informed of Stage 2 and 3 as the plan progresses.

Between each Stage the Queensland Government will assess the situation to ensure people are safe before moving to relax more restrictions.

Throughout all stages it is important that we all continue to:

Two people holding a red tape 1.5 metres apart

Practice social distancing – keep 1.5 metres apart from others

Regularly wash your hands

Stay home if you are sick

Get tested if you have any symptoms (dry cough, fever)

What we can do now:

  • We are now allowed to visit people’s homes – up to 2 people can visit from different households, or 5 people from the same household. Remember support workers are essential and are not counted as visitors
  • We can travel 50km from home to go for a drive, have a picnic, visit a state or national park, go out on a boat or go shopping for non-essential things like clothes.
  • Schools are returning: Kindy –Year 1 & Years 11 and 12 start learning from school from 11 May; Years 2-10 start learning from school from 25 May

What we can do under Stage 1

Stage 1 starts from 15 May 2020 and goes for 4 weeks. Under Stage 1 we can:

  • Visit people’s homes – up to 5 people can visit from different households. Remember support workers are essential and not counted as visitors
  • Travel up to 150km from home and meet in public spaces like parks, pools, outdoor gyms, libraries, weddings, churches, state and national parks – gatherings limited to 10 people.
  • Attend a funeral – 20 people for an indoor funeral, 30 people for an outdoor funeral
  • Go shopping, eat at a restaurant, café, pub, RSL or club (no pokies, or bar) – venues up to 10 people
  • Attend an open house or auction
  • Go to a beauty salon or nail salon if it has a register of clients and a COVID safe plan

Outback Queensland

Under Stage 1 if you live in outback Queensland, you can:

  • eat at a restaurant, café, pub, RSL or club (no pokies, or bar) – proof of address required – up to 20 people
  • Travel up to 500km for recreation

A graphic which shows the rules in pictures