QDN e-News 14 July 2023

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Australia’s Disability Strategy Queensland forum  

Professor Bruce Bonyhady AM 'Everything (and Everyone) With Us' 

You can read or listen to the key note speech from Professor Bonyhady at the Australia’s Disability Strategy Queensland forum , hosted by QDN on the 19th June on the NDIS review website. QDN will be sharing updated information from the forum like videos as soon as they are available.  


Digital Inclusion program intake closed  

QDN’s Digital Inclusion program has closed its intake as of 30 June and is no longer accepting new applications for devices. Participants whose requests have been processed will continue to receive their donations until 31 August.  

There are other avenues for acquiring devices if you have been unable to receive one through the Digital Inclusion program. The online donation platform GIVIT has a directory you can search for services in your area that may be able to assist. Alternatively, you can contact your local neighbourhood centre and ask about a No-Interest Loan Scheme (NILS).  

The Digital Inclusion team is still available for general inquiries and to do capacity building for digital skills until 31 August: https://qdn.org.au/our-work/access-affordability-ability-digital-inclusion/  

Information from Queensland Health about the flu  

Influenza, or the flu is a highly contagious viral infection that you're more likely to get in winter. The best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated every year and have good hygiene.  

Here are some things you can do to stay safe from the flu: 

  • staying at home if you're sick and not seeing other people 
  • washing your hands often with soap and water or using a hand sanitiser 
  • sneezing or coughing into your arm or a tissue 
  • throwing away used tissues and washing your hands after coughing or sneezing 
  • staying 1.5 metres (2 big steps) away from anyone who's coughing or sneezing 
  • cleaning surfaces like benches and desks with detergent or an anti-bacterial spray 
  • not sharing cups, glasses, cutlery, lip balm, toys or anything that may have touched someone else's mouth or nose. 

You should consider wearing a mask if: 

  • they're vulnerable, or have a respiratory symptoms.  
  • are requested to be an individual healthcare provider  
  • are requested to by an individual, while inside their home (for context - if you're visiting someone who is particularly vulnerable inside their home, they can ask you to wear a mask). 

If you're eligible for free vaccine under the National Immunisation Program (NIP), your GP or other vaccination service provider can vaccinate you. 

Vaccination is free through the NIP for: 

  • all children aged 6 months to less than 5 years 
  • all people 65 and over 
  • pregnant people (and at any stage of pregnancy) 
  • people who are  medically at risk 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples over 6 months of age. 

Read more about  when you should get vaccinated. 

Sign up to receive Brisbane Bus Network updates 

As part of Brisbane City Council’s plan to update its bus network, Council released Brisbane’s New Bus Network, which includes proposed changes to the inner-city and south-eastern corridor to support the introduction of Brisbane Metro services.  

Brisbane’s New Bus Network was shared with the community to capture their feedback and insights as part of a community consultation process. Feedback has been collated, reviewed and consolidated into the Community Consultation Report, which is available to download from Council's  website. This report outlines how the community participated and key feedback themes.  

If you would like more information on the Brisbane Metro project, including any updates on Brisbane’s New Bus Network, you can sign up to project updates  here.   

If you have any questions, please contact the Brisbane Metro project team on 1800 692 333 or emailmetro@brisbane.qld.gov.au. 

Read the latest blogs from our QBloggers 

Did you know QDN has its own blogging community? Being a QBlogger is a chance to grow and learn from one another's experiences and expertise and help generate ideas for future policy and advocacy work. 

You can create a blog by filming a video, recording a podcast, or writing a post, with the QDN communications team available to support you if you need. 

Read the latest posts here: https://qdn.org.au/membership/qbloggers/  

Stay up to date with NDIS news  

The NDIS eNewsletter is a fortnightly general email that brings you the latest NDIS news, events and participant stories. Sign up to this mailing listand keep up to date.  

Research opportunities & surveys  

Have your say about the state of volunteering in Queensland

Volunteering Queensland is undertaking its second State of Volunteering in Queensland Report and is calling on every manager and coordinator of volunteers (paid and unpaid) to contribute their valuable voice by undertaking a survey. 

For any questions related to this survey please contact Volunteering Queensland on 07 3002 7600 or email soviqr@volunteeringqld.org.au.  

The survey is closing 21 July. 

Take the survey here: https://media.volunteeringqld.org.au/e/989102/2023sovr-vm/w8gn/198260524?h=N3Vp1Jkbs9gQfzZmvQzwpdDxpYriCBA3-nZVgruRDSQ  

Help improve road safety for children with a disability or medical condition 

Austroads is undertaking a world-first, two-year research project to investigate harnesses and vests commonly used by children with disabilities and medical conditions when travelling in motor vehicles.  

If your child uses this type of equipment, please share your experiences in the survey below and go in the draw to win one of ten $100 vouchers. 

The project is being delivered by MACA, in partnership with the George Institute for Global Health. 

Find out more here.

Research project exploring the experiences of people with intellectual disability when going to the doctor 

Do you have an intellectual disability? Researchers from the University of Queensland want to hear about what it’s like when you go to the doctor, to make going to the GP easier. 

What will you have to do? 

  • Answer questions about going to the GP 
  • You can talk to us or answer questions over email 
  • It will only take up an hour of your time 

Who can be part of the project? 

  • People 18 years and older 
  • People with intellectual disability and their supporters 

To say thanks, they will give you a $50 gift card. 

To be part of the My GP & Me project call 3163 1986 or email k.brooker1@uq.edu.au  

More information here: https://qcidd.centre.uq.edu.au/research/my-gp-me  

Research Participants Wanted - Understanding the barriers and enablers to reducing sedentary behaviour in desk-based workers with disability 

Are you a desk worker with disability? Researchers from the University of Queensland want to speak to desk workers with disability (any type of disability) to complete a survey.  

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the online survey and you can go into a draw to win a $50 voucher. 

Click here to view the eligibility requirements and survey. 

Opportunity to share your experiences of navigating NDIS reviews and appeals 

Researchers at Griffith University in Brisbane are looking at the decisions and decision-making processes that determine reasonable and necessary NDIS funded supports. The project is called Adjudicating NDIS Rights. 

If you’re 18 years or over with a NDIS funded support package and live in Greater Brisbane or North Queensland, we want to hear your experiences of requesting and undergoing a review or appeal of your funded supports. 

The research team would like to learn about what’s working well for you and where challenges are by engaging with you in an interview (in-person, via phone or online). This project has ethical approval by Griffith University (2020/137). All information provided by you to help inform this project will be confidential. 

To find out more please contact: 

Eloise Hummell 

Email: e.hummell@griffith.edu.au  

Phone: 0404 458 894 

Research project exploring the experiences of people with intellectual disability when having surgery 

Have you had inpatient surgery under general anaesthetic within the last 6 months? Researchers from Western Sydney University would like to hear from people with intellectual disability about their experiences of meeting the surgeon, going to hospital and after coming home. 

Anyone interested in the study can talk to the researcher and find out more. Please contact: Jennifer Bur on email 19900911@student.westernsydney.edu.au 

The information from this research may assist the researcher and broader community to understand people with intellectual disability experiences when having inpatient surgery under anaesthetic. 

Transport and Main Roads Survey !

The personalised transport accessibility survey is still open!

Don't miss your chance to tell the Queensland Government what it's like to use taxis or rideshare in Queensland. It is open to anyone who has a disability, impairment or who may require extra assistance. It is also open to carers, companions and support workers who work with people with disability. It will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Feedback they receive (good and bad) will help to make taxi and rideshare services better for people who have accessibility needs.

Please pass this survey on to others who may also be interested in giving feedback about their taxi and rideshare experiences.

For more information and to complete the survey – please click here.

This survey is also available in Microsoft Word format. Please contact surveys@enhanceresearch.com.au if you would prefer to use the Word version.

Policy update 

Policy Update, there is a image of a tick in a box with an arrow coming out the side of the box and circling around back to point at the box.

NDIS Review Report – What we have heard 

On Friday 30 June 2023 the Australian Government NDIS review team released an initial report, What we have heard. This report outlines what the NDIS Review team has heard so far from everyone that has provided input. The report raises some key questions calling for solution focused feedback. The issues are clear, now is the opportunity to put forward solutions.  

You can still share your insights through an online survey in response to the questions in the report, some short answer questions, or submit your feedback in writing, audio file or video.  

The survey will close Friday 25 August 2023. 

Your views will inform the recommendations to government the review will make in its final report in October 2023. 

QDN will be engaging with members in the coming weeks to inform our response to this report.  

Please contact us by email on qdn@qdn.org.au or by phone on 1300 363 783 for more information. 

Download the report and take the survey here: https://qdn.org.au/ndis-review-report/  

Make Renting Fair in Queensland – share your story  

What would you do if your rent went up tomorrow? Would you struggle to afford the increase? Would you be forced to look for a new place to live? That's the reality for Queensland tenants every day.  

The Queensland Government is considering stage 2 rental reforms, but it’s not too late to have your say.  

You can send a letter to your MP using this link: https://makerentingfairqld.org.au/get-involved/writing-to-your-mp  

QDN is looking for your stories and experiences as a tenant. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact QDN at qdn@qdn.org.au or 1300 363 783. 

Research report released by NDIA – Having a go: Exploring the use of supports to make individualised living a reality. 

The research focuses on supports NDIS participants use to build their capacity to work towards their home and living goals, and is part of the work to develop a new approach to home and living.  

The research focused on adult NDIS participants with: 

  • Autism 
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Down syndrome 
  • Intellectual disability 
  • Psychosocial disability 

The research identified 4 key areas for action that can help participants work towards achieving their home and living goals: 

  • It is important to provide opportunities for NDIS participants to explore home and living options early and at different life stages and with clear and accessible information. 
  • Enabling NDIS participants to have a go at trialling different options increases their confidence and shifts expectations and helps them to understand what best meets their needs. 
  • Formal and informal supports to build, practice and maintain skills increase the home and living options available to participants. 
  • Flexible NDIS plans can support participants to build capacity at different stages in their life. 

You can find the full report on the NDIS website - 


NDIA’s Annual Price Review  

The NDIA has announced an average 5.3% increase in price limits in its Annual Price Review. This increase includes the 5.75% increase to minimum award wages to those supports underpinned by the DSWCM. Therapy supports, Level two and three support coordination, and plan management received no increases.  

More information is available here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/pricing-arrangements/pricing-updates  

Disability Royal Commissio 

The commission has released a report on parents with disability and their experiences of the child protection system. You can find the full report here: 


The needs of First Nations people with disability interacting with the DRC 

DANA is contributing perspectives to an external evaluation commissioned by the Department of Social Services of the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) on support services. The advocacy component of this evaluation is focused specifically on the needs of First Nations people with disability in interacting with the DRC. If you have insights you would like to share on this topic please get in touch with DANA.  

Email siobhan.clair@dana.org.au for more information.  

NDIS Minister calls for investment in disability supports outside the NDIS  

During an interview with Radio National Breakfast, NDIS Minister Bill Shorten dismissed the idea of NDIS co-payments from people with disability. Minister Shorten said he wants "longer term planning" in the scheme, and investment in disability supports outside of the NDIS. 

You can listen to the interview here: https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/ndis-minister-rejects-idea-of-co-payments-to-reduce-costs/102534010  

Options to improve service availability and accessibility for First Nations people with disability 

The Disability Royal Commission has published a research report, which reveals the lack of available, accessible and culturally responsible services for First Nations people with disability. 22 recommendations have been made to improve service availability and accessibility. 

Read the report here: https://disability.royalcommission.gov.au/publications/options-improve-service-availability-and-accessibility-first-nations-people-disability  

Inquiry into the worsening rental crisis in Australia 

The Australian Government is seeking submissions on the worsening rental crisis in Australia. An interim report is set to be released by September 2023 to aid in the deliberations of the National Cabinet on renters’ rights, with a final report set to be released by November 2023.  

Submissions close on 28 July 2023. 

QDN is writing a submission for this inquiry.  

More details about the scope of the inquiry can be found in the terms of reference: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Community_Affairs/Worseningrentalcrisis/Terms_of_Reference  

More information is available here: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Community_Affairs/Worseningrentalcrisis  

Inquiry into the recognition of unpaid carers 

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs is seeking written submissions, from individuals and organisations relating to any or all of the inquiry terms of reference. The committee is seeking the views of individual unpaid carers, carers representatives and advocacy organisations, broader representation that relate to unpaid care, not limited to people with disability, women’s organisations, family, organisations, and community service providers. 

Submissions close 11 August 2023. 

Terms of reference: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House/Social_Policy_and_Legal_Affairs/UnpaidCarers/Terms_of_Reference  

More information is available here: https://www.aph.gov.au/UnpaidCarers  

Disability Services and Inclusion Bill 2023

The Australian Government through Department of Social Services is also preparing the Disability Services and Inclusion Bill 2023 (the Bill) for introduction into Parliament. The Bill is drafted to repeal and replace the Disability Services Act 1986 (the current Act). The current Act was established in 1986. It gives the Commonwealth the power to fund a range of disability services and programs. It also regulates the certification of service providers and sets out the standards that they must meet. Disability supports and services have changed since the current Act began more than three decades ago.

Find out more here: https://engage.dss.gov.au/disability-services-and-inclusion-bill-2023/


What's on

Families and 'Us': Working alongside parents with intellectual disability, Brisbane 

Join the Community Living Association Inc. for an informative and engaging event exploring ways to support families where a parent has intellectual disability.  

The event will bring together parents, with lived experience, social work and allied and health professionals, legal practitioners, disability workers, and academics to explore what it takes to ensure the rights of parents with intellectual disability are upheld.  

The program includes presentations from parents with lived experience, a panel with parents with lived experience, practitioners and representatives from Child Safety and NDIA. Dr Margaret Spencer (University of Sydney) will share her work in this field focusing on engagement and supported decision making.  

Morning tea and lunch will be provided by Nundah Community Enterprise Co-op's amazing Espresso Train. 

Date: Tuesday 29 August 

Time: 8:45am (for a 9am start) – 4pm  

Location: Australian Catholic University, Brisbane Campus, 1100 Nudgee Road, Banyo 


Learn how to plan for your support needs in emergencies such as floods, cyclones, bushfires, and heatwaves.

This workshop is for people with disability, and is presented by people with disability.

Workshops are designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Get Ready, Plan Ahead – Burdekin (People with Disability)

Part A: Thursday 13 of July

Part B: Thursday 27 of July

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre, 40 Chippendale Street, Ayr

Get Ready, Plan Ahead – Burdekin (Seniors)

Part A: Friday 14 of July

Part B: Friday 28 of July

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre, 40 Chippendale Street, Ayr

Get Ready, Plan Ahead – Charters Towers (People with Disability)

Part A: Monday 3 of July

Part B: Monday 17 of July

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: Excelsior Library, Charters Towers. Access via Church Street

Get Ready, Plan Ahead – Charters Towers (Seniors)

Part A: Tuesday 4 of July

Part B: Tuesday 18 of July

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: Excelsior Library, Charters Towers. Access via Church Street

Get Ready, Plan Ahead - Fraser Coast

Date: 3 of August

Whole day: 9:30am-3pm.

Location: Training Room 1, The Tree House, Urangan Community Wellness Centre Botanical Gardens, 62-105 Elizabeth St, Urangan QLD

Get Ready, Plan Ahead Locker Valley – Laidley

Part A: Thursday 10 of August

Part B: Thursday 17 of August

Time: 9:30am-12:30pm

Location: Laidley Sports Complex, Whites Road, Laidley

Get Ready, Plan Ahead Somerset – Esk

Part A: Tuesday 15 of August

Part B: Tuesday 29 of August

Time: 10:30am – 1:30pm

Location: Somerset Civic Centre, the Auditorium, 35 Esk Hampton Rd, Esk.

Get Ready, Plan Ahead Somerset – Toogoolawah

Part A: Friday 18 of August

Part B: Friday 1 of September

Time: 11 am – 2pm

Location: Carinity Our House, 27 Gardner St, Toogoolawah.

Business Continuity Planning Workshop

QDN is also working alongside Community Services Industry Alliance to support the delivery of Business Continuity Planning workshops for Community Organisations and Disability Service Providers.

  • Being held across July and August in the Somerset, Scenic Rim and Livingstone communities.
  • For more information, please contact the DIDRR team.

Fraser Coast  

Date: Thursday 3 August 

Time: 9:30am – 2:30pm 

Where: Urangan Community Wellness Centre Botanical Gardens, 62-105 Elizabeth Street, Urangan (Training Room 1, The Tree House) 

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/get-ready-plan-ahead-fraser-coast-tickets-660871463337  


Part A: Thursday 10 August 

Part B: Thursday 17 August 

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm 

Where: Laidley Sports Complex, Whites Road, Laidley 

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/get-ready-plan-ahead-lockyer-valley-laidley-tickets-640283133087  


Part A: Tuesday 15 August 

Part B: Tuesday 29 August 

Time: 10:30am - 1:30pm 

Where: Somerset Civic Centre, The Auditorium, 35 Esk Hampton Road, Esk 

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/get-ready-plan-ahead-esk-tickets-666614420677  


Part A: Friday 18 August  

Part B: Friday 1 September 

Time: 11am - 2pm 

Where: Carinity Our House, 27 Gardner Street, Toogoolawah 

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/get-ready-plan-ahead-toogoolawah-tickets-666615393587  

Peer Support Groups 

  • Ipswich PSG Saturday 15th July 10am – 12pm Club Services Ipswich CSI Table 31
  • QDN Online PSG Monday 17th July 5.30-7.30 via Zoom
  • Deception Bay PSG Wednesday 19th July 10.30- 12.30 Deception Bay Darts Club
  • Brisbane PSG Wednesday 19th July 10.30 – 12.30 QDN Office and Zoom
  • Unique Parenting PSG Friday 21st July 11am – 1pm QDN Office and Zoom
  • QDN Peer Leaders Meeting with Chairperson Tuesday 25th July 4pm – 5pm Zoom
  • Toowoomba PSG Wednesday 26th July 1pm-3pm Toowoomba City Library and via Zoom
  • Self-Management PSG Wednesday 26th July 4pm-5.30pm via Zoom
  • Cairns PSG Thursday 27th July 3.30pm – 5.30pm at Rights In Action or Zoom
  • Brisbane Hot Topics Friday 29th July 9am – 12pm QDN Office and Zoom
  • LBGTQIA+ PSG Friday 29th July 4.30pm – 6:30pm via Zoom

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