QDN Annual General Meeting 2019

QDN’s Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 9  November 2019 with over 70 people in attendance. We would like to thank all QDN members from across the state for your engagement, feedback, voice, experiences, efforts and energy, which is the heart of QDN. To our allies and supporters we also extend our thanks for your work in partnership and delivering on common goals and outcomes.

We acknowledge the tireless efforts of retiring Appointed Director, Matt McCracken. The Board play an important role in setting the strategic direction of the organisation and the governance, and require a range of skills, knowledge and experience in the evolving legislative, market and compliance driven environment. The Board of Directors have identified key skills needed going forward, and as part of QDN’s Constitution which allows for Appointed Directors for a specific term, QDN’s Board are pleased to welcome Stacy Miller as an appointed Director who will bring a range of legal expertise and knowledge to the Board during her two year appointed term.

Stacy is an appointed skill-based director of the Board.   As a lawyer, with 16 years’ experience and a partner of her own firm, Stacy will bring her knowledge and expertise to the board discussions and deliberations.  She has vast experience working across a broad range of areas of law, including litigation, intellectual property, insolvency and Royal Commissions.  Stacy is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland, a solicitor of the High Court of Queensland and a member of the Queensland Law Society.   

She is looking forward to contributing to QDN’s work, engaging with QDN members about the needs of people with disability in Queensland, and looking at how she can further human rights law in our community and advance the position of people with disability. 

After the AGM the Board met and re-elected Nigel Webb as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and John MacPherson as Vice-Chairperson. Des Ryan was re-elected as Chairperson of the Nominations and Performance Committee and Gary Matthews as Chairperson of the Audit and Compliance Committee.

QDN continue to maintain a focus on the importance of having people with disability connected, sharing information and supporting each other.  We look forward to continuing to work with each of you to ensure people with disability are active citizens in their communities, influencing and leading change. Please click here to read QDN’s 2018-2019 Annual Report as a summary of our work and achievements this financial year.

Photo of 2019 Board. John, Matt, Sharon, Peter, Nigel and Des2019-20 QDN Board Of Directors. From left: John MacPherson (deputy-chair), Matt McCracken, Sharon Boyce, Peter Gurr, Nigel Webb (Chair) and Des Ryan
with Company Secretary Colleen Popadopulos and CEO Paige Armstrong.  Absent: Gary Matthews, Stacy Miller, Hayley Wesbro