Member update: Morrison’s Coalition Government returns to power after weekend election win

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) acknowledges and congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition government on their election win over the weekend.

QDN looks forward to continuing to work with the Federal Government on the Government’s election commitments and priority to fix the problems with the NDIS. There are over 30,000 Queenslanders eligible for the NDIS who are experiencing challenges with getting their access approved, or getting the support to navigate the steps and information needed to make an access request. This is a critical priority in Queensland, given we have 45,000 new participants eligible for supports for the first time, and our current low numbers of people accessing the scheme. QDN is committed to the transformational change the NDIS offers Queenslanders with a disability and looks forward to ensuring it creates the best possible outcomes for people. QDN also looks forward to working together with all stakeholders to reach resolutions on many of the outstanding mainstream interface issues affecting people with disability in Queensland particularly around transport and health.

QDN is pleased by the Coalition election commitments made around public service employment targets for people with disability so that all people have the opportunity to engage in meaningful work, and looks forward to the opportunities this brings for Queenslanders with disability.

QDN will continue to engage with the Federal Government on the development of the National Disability Strategy and the National Disability Agreement. It is crucial that the voice of people with disability is heard in the development of this Strategy, a key instrument that sets out how the Australian government meets its obligations under the United Nations Convention of Persons with Disability (CRPD).

QDN welcomes the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Exploitation and Neglect that will be based in Brisbane. QDN is aware that gathering and giving evidence will be challenging for individuals and acknowledges the money earmarked to support individuals through this process. QDN urges government to develop guidelines to ensure that there are no Commissioners with conflicts of interest and that the support available to assist individuals is tendered to organisations that are not direct service providers and are free from potential or real conflicts of interest.