Gympie Peer Support Group October meeting – Getting ready for an emergency or planner

The Gympie Peer Support Group met on Friday 8th October to learn more about making a plan for an emergency or disaster. Michael Condon, Gympie Group Convenor invited guest speakers, Gympie Mayor Glen Hardwig and Peter Harkin from Queensland Fires and Emergency Services to talk about what a disaster or emergency is like in their community and what the Council and emergency services do during this time.  Peter explained to the group where they can go for local information about an emergency or disaster and who can help.

QDN staff then talked about what people with disability in the room can do to make their own plan for an emergency or disaster.  Using the Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (PCEP) workbook the group started thinking about what they would need if they had to stay at home or if they had to leave due to an emergency. The group then did a fun activity making a backpack with the things they would need like a torch, phone, food and other supplies to help them in an emergency or disaster.

The Gympie Peer Support Group will continue working on their emergency plans in the coming months.

If you would like to know more about planning for an emergency or disaster go to Disability Inclusive and Disaster Risk Reduction

To join the Gympie Peer Support Group contact QDN at or phone 1300 363 783


Next Gympie Peer Group meeting details:

Date: Friday 5th November
Time: 10am – 12pm
Address: PHN, Horseshoe Bend Gympie
Theme: NDIS, local supports and services

For more details about the Gympie Peer Support Group head here.

A group of people sitting behind tables at a workshop watching a man at the front of the room present. The man is wearing an emergency services uniform. A group of people sitting behind desks facing a man speaking at the front of the room. The speaker is a tall man wearing a long sleeved buttoned up business shirt and slacks. A lot of the workshop participants are wearing high vis shirts. A group of people sitting behind desks at a workshop. Most of them are wear high vis fluro yellow polos.