A lady wearing a black singlet and patterned skirt, she is smiling at the camera.

Angela Kalantzis - Emerging Leaders 2021

Angela Kalantzis a mum of two, lives with a brain injury. In July 2012, a new version of Angela was born. She was in an accident involving a camper trailer lid falling on her head causing a traumatic brain injury. This type of accident could happen to anyone and it changed her live within seconds. It was then 12 months before Angela received any diagnosis, care or rehabilitation for the injury that occurred on that day.

Back in February, Angela applied to be part of a nine-month inaugural Emerging Leader Program that was run by Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN).

QDN a state-wide organisation of, by, and for people with diverse disability.  QDNs work is focused on disability rights and systemic advocacy. Their Emerging Leaders Program is a leadership development program for people with disability. It supports emerging leaders to:

  • build capacity and develop the skills and confidence to contribute to their community,
  • lead change in their lives and their community,
  • create a more inclusive community, and
  • inform, connect, lead and influence.

“By becoming a QDN Emerging Leader, I wanted to grow my confidence and skills in helping others,” said Angela.

“It’s not a dream, it’s a plan”, can often be heard when you speak to Angela

Her plan of helping others who have suffered a brain injury and her passion to provide peer support to others has led Angela to set up her own charity.

“The networks I have made with other people with disability on the Emerging Leaders Program has been amazing, hearing other participants goals and how they are creating a more inclusive community, has encouraged me even more”.

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