Meet the Emerging Leaders - 2021

A man standing alone in front of a white wooden wall. He is wearing a bright yellow button up shirt with patterns and red pants. He is smiling broadly at the camera.

Vinnie Batten


"I want to work towards corporations having less influence on our government, for governments to listen to science, experts and advocacy groups to help people in need and our planet in need."

A woman in a black shirt and black pants, stands on her own in front of a white wooden wall. She is smiling and looking at the camera.

Tulasa Rizal


"I want to achieve a public speaking role to give awareness to people out there whether they might be disabled or not, that they should be accepted in our communities."

A man standing alone in front of a white wooden wall. He is wearing a Grey, maroon and blue striped shirt and glasses. He is smiling at the camera.

Tim Ormerod


"I would like to gain experience in leadership through working in advocacy roles. I would like to speak and discuss with people in government and community on issues with inequality and disadvantages for people with disability. Issues like finding full time employment and transport access are important to me."

A lady wearing all black with long hair and glasses smiling at the camera.

Tammy Royle


"I want to try and help people with disability with emotional and social isolation in Townsville."

A woman in a white tshirt with small pattern on it, with dark blonde hair, standing with her hands on her hips smiling at the camera.

Pippa Rodgers


"My goal is to change the way that council thinks about building footpaths as some are uneven and some don’t go all the way to where they are meant to which is a safety issue."

A man wearing a marron polo and glasses standing slightly to the side and smiling into the camera.

Paul O’Dea


"My goal is to make sure that people with disability get equal wages no matter where they work including Australian Disability Enterprises."

A woman with dark brown curly hair pulled back wearing a pink and blue stripped dress, with her hands on her hips smiling at the camera.

Morgan Stevenson


"My goal is to educate managers in the workforce about people with disability and how to treat people with disability in the workplace."

A woman with short red hair, wearing a blue and green floral dress looking at the camera.

Melissa Ryan


"My goal is to get funding to get changes to disability."

A lady with long light brown curly hair, wearing a green patterned shirt and glasses, looking at the camera smiling.

Megan Telford


"I want to build better relationships between the deaf and hearing communities. I also want to develop my mentoring and leadership skills around disability advocacy."

A man standing with his hands in his pant pockets, wearing a grey polo and smiling at the camera.

Martin Broad


"I want to promote my story and talk on the dangers of alcohol and alcohol abuse. I hopefully can be paid a wage to share my story with the wider community."

A lady sitting with a red dressy shirt and black pants, she has short dark brown her and is smiling at the camera.

Kate Dufty


"My goal is to influence and educate on the lack of accessibility in the tourism sector."

A lady sitting looking at the camera and smiling, she is wearing a light pink dressy shirt and white pants.

Jeni Lewington


"My small issue aside from accessible toilets, is the release of Julian Assange who has been in a UK prison for 2 years and before that in detention in the Ecuadorian embassy for 8 years for simply reporting on US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would like to continue efforts to have him released by working with other people involved in the campaign."

A lady wearing a black dress with colourful flowers, she has long dark brown hair and stands with her hands on her hips smiling at the camera.

Heather Livingston


"I want to teach the owners and organizations how to treat their animals better than they have been to reduce animal cruelty."

A man with shoulder length brown her and wearing glasses and a long sleeved checked shirt, he stands with his arms crossed smiling at the camera.

Grant Higham


"I am interested in representations of disability in the media as currently people have misunderstandings around disability and what it entails. I also wonder how we might reduce stigma around schizophrenia, of which I am diagnosed, such that people have a better understanding of what the condition is to reduce stigmas."

A girl with dark brown hair pulled back, wearing a black dressy singlet and black pants. She stands with her hands on her hips smiling at the camera.

Danielle Pittis

Mt Isa

"My dream is to change the word ‘disability’ into ‘diversability’ to give people confidence fulfilling their dreams whether it be hobbies or employment."

A man with short brown hair, wearing a white and blue checked buttoned up business shirt with short sleeves, he is looking at the camera smiling.

Cody Skinner


"My issue is how to make workplaces more diverse as well as more inclusive."

A lady with dark brown hair pulled back, wearing a white long sleeved shirt with colourful floral patterns and black pants. She is sitting with her hands in her lamp and smiling at the camera.

Patricia Marsh


"My biggest issue is access and I want to educate people on access."

A lady wearing a black singlet and patterened skirt, she has short dark brown hair and is wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

Angela Kalantzis


"I am wanting to alleviate the isolation felt by people living with visible and invisible brain injuries and the isolation felt by the families and caregivers."

A man with his arms crossed wearing a teal tshirt and looking at the camera smiling.

Adrian Pooley


"I want to make changes to ‘productivity wages’ that people with disability are given through Australian disability enterprise work. I want to bring that wage closer to the award wage for qualification related employment as the gap is currently too large."

A girl with long brown hair wearing a black dress with floral print and is laughing.

Belinda Harris


"I am most passionate about changing the tourism industry to become more accessible and inclusive for all. My experiences with not only physical inaccessible environments but also the lack of detailed accessibility information and unwelcoming staff with negative attitudes have highlighted the need for the tourism and leisure industry to become more accessible and inclusive for everyone. My travel experiences and reading about the travel experiences of others with a disability, both good and bad, inspired me to pursue an education and career in tourism and to become an advocate not just for accessibility and inclusion in everyday life, but an advocate for accessibility and inclusion in tourism."

A man in a wheelchair laughing with a lady wearing dark glasses holding a cane.

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