As part of the Targeted Outreach Project, our Local Champions are working in their communities to help more people join the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our Local Champions help people with disability to:

  • Learn more about the NDIS
  • Decide if the NDIS is for them and how it can support them
  • Connect with the Targeted Outreach Project team, who can link them to free assistance to access the NDIS through the Assessment and Referral Team (ART).

Meet the Local Champions

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Alison Maclean


Profile coming soon!

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Cameron Toomey

Sunshine Coast

"The NDIS has been life changing in lots of different ways. It's enabled me to take control of my time and be empowered to do what I want to do."

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Dave Conway


"The people in my community will benefit by being assisted through the (NDIS) process...If they are eligible, they’ll be able to receive funding that helps them with their daily life."

A man wearing blue hospital scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck. He has short brown hair and a beard and is smiling at the camera.

Dr Dinesh Palipana

Gold Coast

"I am really privileged to live in a country that has something like the NDIS. For my life, the NDIS has been an incredible change."

A man wearing a grey jacket and a green striped business shirt, with glasses, laughing.

Des Ryan


"With the NDIS...[people with disabilities] have the potential to leverage that support to help them into employment...and to enjoy life."

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Jordan Dank

Mt Isa

"I have become more independent for myself and can live my own life instead of under my parents' roof."

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Karene Gravner


"When the NDIS was launched... this was about us finally having a voice...and a clear message saying you are worthy of respect."

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Mark Farrell


"With my NDIS funding package, I now have flexibility in what I want to do and when I want to do it."

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Matt Knott


"(NDIS) has provided me with individual support I need tailored to the allied health I need, to the community engagement activities I need. It’s Wonderful!"

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Matt McCracken


"The NDIS has given me more independence and through my funded supports I now have better safeguards around me"

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Michael Condon

Sunshine Coast

"The NDIS has been good for me. [I want to] spread the word for other people."

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Nadia Brady


"NDIS can offer so many benefits to so many people but it can be challenging to go from being someone who needs that help to being someone who gets that help. (TOP & ART) help to make that journey a little easier."

A man wearing a red and grey checked buttoned up shirt and wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

Peter Gurr


Peters profile is coming soon!

Peter's story - COMING SOON

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Peter, Linda and Nick


"Linda, Nick and myself all bring different experience of the NDIS. That is how we as people with lived experience can provide support with access to the NDIS, by sharing our story." This video was recorded at 'table 31', a place where many a yarn has been had over a cup of coffee, the Tully's have assisted many an Ipswich family with accessing the NDIS and general disability issues. 

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Sharon Boyce


"The NDIS gives people incredible flexibility to be able to live their best life."

A man with a white beard, with glasses and wearing a long sleeved button up shirt. He is sitting in a wheelchair.

Wayne Maitland

Far North Queensland

"The NDIS has made a wonderful change to my life…it made me more involved in the community."

A man in a black polo shirt and brown hair smiling at the camera.

Will Proctor

Sunshine Coast

"[The NDIS] gives people the opportunity to live a life with choice and control, and to set goals and achieve them."

Matt McCracken - Targeted Outreach Project Local Champion

Matt shares his experiences of using his local networks in his community to help connect people with disability to the NDIS.

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Michael Condon is a Local Champion in the Sunshine Coast

Michael shares his experiences of using his local networks in his community to help connect people with disability to the NDIS.

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