QDN e-News Video Update - March 2022 Week 2

Queensland Floods

As a state we have had our fair share of natural disasters with the floods in South-East Queensland being the latest. QDN has heard from many of our members about the personal devastation of property and also disruption to their lives and support networks. If you find that you are still experiencing challenges or issues, please contact QDN by email qdn@qdn.org.au or call us on 1300 363 783.  We have set up a page of flood information and contacts where our members can access information and resources. You can find this information here.

The Queensland Government has recently opened Community Recovery Hubs for people affected by the flooding in south-east Queensland.

Find your nearest Community Recovery hub here

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 continues to impact the way we live even after restrictions have been eased. QDN has resources that can assist you, you can read this information here.

The COVID-19 pandemic period has been a challenging time for most people, and there has been constantly changing information and advice. QDN has worked hard to make sure people have access to the latest information and advice that is most helpful for people with disability. You can find this information here, including the new Care Pathways Fact Sheets.

Find QDN COVID-19 information here



Read the Care Pathways Fact Sheets here



Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) for people with disability

Thousands of people with disability across Australia are currently unable to access RATs due to the cost, the fear of leaving their homes to obtain a test or their availability. Able Digital Wellness have come up with an initiative that is called ‘LifeRat’ that throws a life raft to people within the community providing free RAT tests. The ‘crowd funding’ initiative aims to raise funds to provide free RATs right across Australia. If you are interested in receiving free RAT tests or would like to donate you can find more information here.

For more information click here



Digital Inclusion Project

Our Digital Inclusion Project continues to grow, with people with disability benefiting from getting the facts and information on accessing services and support and staying connected during an emergency. The Project aims to provide access to devices, provide information on the affordability of running devices and the ability to stay connected.

Read more about Digital Inclusion here



Federal Election

With the Federal Election happening in a few months, QDN will be launching an election campaign to make sure ‘our voice’ and the issues of Queenslanders with disability are heard. QDN’s Election Platform - ‘My Disability Vote Counts – Act for Inclusion’ will be launched in the coming weeks. We will be working with members to engage locally in a variety of ways with candidates from all parties to be clear about what the issues are for people with disability and the solutions we want to see to make change. We will also hold a number of town halls and a virtual forum to bring together people with disability, allies, supporters and candidates. More information will follow shortly. Your voice matters so please feel free to contact us with the issues that matter to you this election at qdn@qdn.org.au.

Employment Summit

The Queensland Government is hosting the Queensland Workforce Summit 2022 in Brisbane tomorrow, QDN will be there providing a voice for our community. The Summit will bring together international and Queensland industry and economic experts, thought leaders and change makers. The Summit will focus on a plan for the next phase of COVID-19 recovery, we will be there to ensure Queenslanders with disability are included in the plan to support economic growth by providing more employment opportunities for people with disability.

QDN Events

We’re holding members only events that will discuss Taxis and the Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) Cards and Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympics, more information to follow! In the meantime, you can keep up-to-date with all our events by clicking here.

Read more about QDN events here



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