Emerging Leaders workshop – 18 August 2021

The Emerging Leaders held a workshop on Wednesday 18 August 2021 with guest presenters Kevin Cocks AOM, Executive Manager, Accessible Transport Network at Transport and Main Roads, Margaret Ward housing and disability advocate and John Macpherson, Board Director QDN.  The topic of this workshop was ‘leading for change’.

The speakers shared their personal stories and experiences on influencing change.  The Emerging Leaders had the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers about strategies and techniques they have used that have helped them have a positive outcome when influencing change. Some key points from the speakers included:

  • Make sure you get as many perspectives as you can and bring all the stakeholders into the room – especially the ones that don’t agree with you.
  • Take the time needed to hear all the views. Try to understand every angle on the issue.  Ask for examples that clarify their point of view.
  • Always thank and acknowledge people for their efforts. It’s an easy thing to overlook so requires discipline.
  • Remember to focus on the issue not the person. It’s not personal.  It’s always about the issue you’re trying to influence.

A man with his arms raised and pointing fingers upwards, standing in a room where people are sitting.


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