Call to action: QDN Local Support Group Convenors call for your support of the tenancy reforms  

QDN’s state-wide Peer Group Convenors met this week to discuss in detail Queensland’s proposed rental tenancy reforms. Convenors agree the reforms are the most significant thing to happen in rental housing in the last 20 plus years and commend the Government on their direction.  QDN has 20 peer support groups across the state with up to 1,000 members and supporters.

Overwhelmingly, Convenors endorsed the proposed reforms which will lead to increased certainty and security for tenants and are calling upon QDN members to ‘have your say’ and publicly support the five key reforms.

Ending a tenancy fairly

Minimum Housing Standards

Domestic and family violence

Renting with pets

Minor modifications

Convenors reinforce it is important that as many people as possible have their say, particularly in relation to how these proposed reforms will benefit people with disability.  As such, we are calling upon members of QDN to take action and support the reform.

Click here to have your say – it will take 1 minute

QDN agrees with Make Renting Fair Queensland, that rental prices are set by market forces and are unlikely to be affected by this proposed reform.

How will the reforms assist people who are renting?

  • Property owners will not be able to end a tenancy (lease) without giving the renter a valid reason;
  • Minimum housing standards for rental properties will be introduced, which will ensure properties are safe, secure and functional;
  • There will be improved tenancy law protection for people experiencing domestic or family violence, to stay in or leave a rental property safely;
  • Renting with a pet will be easier. If a tenant requests to keep a pet, a property owner cannot unreasonably refuse;
  • Renters would be able to make minor modifications to a property without property owner prior consent to ensure their home is accessible, healthy, safe and secure;
  • The dollar amount a tenant can authorise for emergency repairs will double.

QDN’s 20 local support groups across the state work to inform, connect and lead people with disability.  To make this reform a reality we strongly encourage and empower people with disability to take action before 28 December.

Act now and impact the tenancy law reform bill!

Choose how you will take action!

Contribute to QDN’s submission

QDN is preparing a submission to this review and is interested in hearing from members who rent their homes and have experience in undertaking minor modifications, renting with pets, domestic and family violence and ending a tenancy before the end of a lease.  Please email or call QDN on 1300 363 783 by 16 December to share your views.

Go to the Make Renting Fair submission

This will take 1 minute and is the quickest way to voice your support.  Click here to go to the Make Renting Fair pro forma submission.

Send your own submission to the Queensland Government

You can click on this link to provide your feedback.  You will need to sign in first.

Respond to the government’s online survey for each topic

You’ll need to log in first. Click here to go to each topic.

If you would like support to have your say please call QDN on 1300 363 783 or email us at



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