Rob supports Queensland’s tenancy law reforms

Queensland is seeing the most extensive tenancy law reforms since the early 1990s.

QDN member Rob believes these long overdue reforms offer him more ongoing security and greater safety accessing rental properties and being able to rent a property long-term.

Rob is in his 40s and has lived experience of intellectual disability and mental illness. He has experienced many years of homelessness and is happy that he now lives in a rental property on the Gold Coast.

Like all renters, the most important thing about living in his rental property, is that it gives him ‘a place to call home’.

Rob says ‘the proposed tenancy reforms will make sure that ending tenancies will be a fair process for tenants. For people like myself this provides more certainty and longer-term rental security”.

Many people with disability also experience challenges negotiating property maintenance and basic repairs with property owners. Rob said “I had a situation where my front door wouldn’t open and I was frightened that my rent will go up if I asked for it to be fixed”.  The reform will offer Rob more certainty when property emergencies arise.

Rob is pleased that the proposed reforms include property owner responsibilities for the quality of the accommodation and minimum standards to ensure that properties are safe, secure and functional.

All Queensland renters, particularly vulnerable renters and people with disability are looking for greater security and safety with regards to renting a property. These reforms go a long way to allowing Queensland households to make their rental properties their homes and support renters’ rights.


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