QDN e-News Video Update - May 2022 Week 1

Statewide Election Forum - 4 May

Queenslanders with disability are calling on political candidates across the state at this federal election to listen to them, and to work together to deliver change and inclusion.

We have ideas and we have solutions, we vote, and we want to see candidates act for inclusion.

We want candidates to act for inclusion across nine (9) key policy areas.

A few nights ago we had 5 candidates from the major parties participate in our online election forum. The Federal Election is on 21 May 2022, it is an important one, especially to people with disability, their families, and workers. It is important that we elect a future Federal Government who will listen and to lead with vision to deliver full inclusion and participation of people with disability as citizens within our communities.

The online election forum was held jointly by 8 organisations, and was attended by several hundred people online. Each of the parties talked about their views on subjects that matter to people with disability. It is important now as community to come together and make our voices heard with all politicians, to make sure they know of the issues and the impacts the NDIS, Government and social issues have upon our lives. Remember ‘Our Disability Vote Counts – Act for Inclusion’. There will be more information to follow around what is next for our members!

The five representatives from key political parties were:

Australian Labor Party - Hon Bill Shorten MP

Katter's Australian Party - Hon Bob Katter MP

United Australia Party - Kelly Guenoun - Federal Candidate

Australian Greens Party - Senator Jordon Steele-John

One Nation Party - Jennifer Game - Senate Candidate


Online Election Forum, Queensland Event, 4 May 2022. There are five circles on the right. 1. A photo of a man smiling with the text below Bill Shorten, Australian Labor Party. 2. A photo of a woman with dark hair smiling at the camera. Below it says Kelly Guenoun, United Australian Party 3. A photo of a man with glasses smiling at the camera and below it says Jordon Steele-John, Australian Greens Party. 4. A photo of a woman with dark brown hear and wearing glasses and below it says Jennifer Game, One Nation Party. 5. A man with grey hair smiling at the camera and below it says Bob Katter, Katter’s Australian Party. 6. A orange circle with To be Confirmed in it, below it says Liberal National Party.

QDN’s election platform

At this Federal election, Queenslanders with a disability want to see action and progress. Our votes count and we want to see our 2022 elected representatives act for inclusion.

For too long, people with disability in Australia have faced the same persistent barriers, which prevent them from accessing the same opportunities as every other Australian.

We want to see change and the time is now.

QDN, in consultation with members has developed our 2022 Federal Election Policy Platform 'My disability vote counts - Act for inclusion'. The link is below this video.

Queenslanders with disability are calling on political candidates across the state at this federal election to listen to them, and to work together to deliver change and inclusion.

We have ideas and we have solutions, we vote, and we want to see candidates act for inclusion.

We want candidates to act for inclusion across nine (9) key policy areas.

Read more about QDN's election platform here


A man wearing a floral shirt holding a sign that says Act for inclusion for and written in pen "Close the gap between allied health and the NDIS. My disability vote counts, Act for inclusion". QDN Queenslanders with Disability Network.

Joint Open Letter - Putting the care back into healthcare

In a powerful demonstration of consumer-led partnerships, and a first in Queensland, 13 organisations have come together to write a joint letter to all political parties and candidates contesting the 2022 Federal election. The issues raised in the letter are concerns shared by health stakeholders across Australia.

The letter calls on all parties and candidates to commit to innovating and improving our health system, so it is healthier, agile, collaborative and better able to meet the diverse needs of Queenslanders – all while being affordable and accessible for all people.

Read more here


Joint open letter released, Putting the care back into healthcare. There is a icon of a hand with a heart above it and the universal health cross inside the heart. Row of logos: HCQ Health Consumers Queensland, Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine – World leaders in rural practice, ADA Australia – Your aged and disability advocates, QNMU – Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Palliative Care Queensland, COTE – For older Australians, RACCP – Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, QDN – Queenslanders with Disability Network – Nothing About us without us, RDAQ – Rural Doctors Association of Queensland, AMA Queensland, Refugee health network Queensland.

Vale Matt McCracken and Wendy Lovelace

It is with great sadness that we share news that over the weekend we lost two of our great leaders of QDN and disability advocacy in Queensland and Australia.

Matt has been QDN Board Director, Local Peer Group Convenor and Local Champion/Facilitator/ Advisor across many of QDN's projects and initiatives, including recently the Targeted Outreach Project. Matt's work, advocacy and leadership in his Caboolture community was legendary including leading "Is everybody here" community event. His leadership will be greatly missed as will his mentorship to many people with disability and families.

Wendy Lovelace was a strong, independent advocate, QDN peer leader and housing champion and the State convenor for the Queensland Network for Universal Housing Design for many years. She used her architecture background and her inquiring mind to hone her advocacy to gain better accessibility for people across a range of buildings, other settings and services, including influencing the national policy and legislative agenda. And Wendy did this with grace, style and determination.

Both Matt and Wendy will be sorely missed by many, always humble about their achievements and their impact and a clear focus on how their service and work could make a difference in the world for others and their communities.

Our thoughts are with their families, friends and loved ones and we will honor Matt and Wendy’s story, achievements are legacies during our 20 year activities this year.

Vale Matt and Wendy - true QDN leaders who gave so much to the disability community, especially people with disability - you will both be sorely missed.

Closeup of Matt McCracken

A woman with brown curly hair, wearing glasses and a gray scarf. Looking at the camera smiling.

COVID-19 Health Resources

You can download the health resources referred in the video below:

You can download the Stakeholder Content Guide for people with disability, carers and the disability workforce here.

Find more resources here


Peer Support Groups

QDN’s Peer Support Groups for people with disability meet monthly in person or online each month across Queensland.

In March QDN travelled to North Queensland to be part of the Normanton, Cairns and Tablelands Peer Support Groups. QDN were welcomed by the communities who shared their experiences of living in North Queensland. The next meeting of the Cairns Peer Support Groups is on 19 May 2022 with the group talking about the recent Cairns Election Forum. The Tablelands Peer Support Group will be meeting in Atherton for this meeting on Wednesday 18 May 2022. The group will be alternating between Atherton and Mareeba for the Tablelands Peer Support Group meetings so people with disability in this area can be more involved.

In April 2022, QDN’s Peer Support Groups have been inviting candidates for the upcoming election to be part of their peer support group meetings to give members a platform to talk about what is important for people with disability. This is also an opportunity for people with disability to be informed about what candidates are proposing if they are elected in May 2022.

The Brisbane Hot Topics peer support group is for people with an intellectual disability invited the Disability Royal Commission to hear about the role of the commission and how they are supporting people with disability to share their stories to influence change. The group learnt about how the Commission makes recommendations to the Australian government about how systems can be improved for people with disability.

Last year QDN started working with Positive Powerful Parents from Victoria to start a group for parents with an intellectual disability in Queensland. This group has started meeting online and face to face in Brisbane monthly and is a place for parents with an intellectual disability to meet other parents with an intellectual disability to share stories and find out more about topics that are important to them.

QDN has also been working with Griffith University to form a new peer support group for university students with disability. The first meeting of this group was held on 27 April 2022 at the Nathan university campus. Students with disability at Griffith University are invited to join us for the next meeting in May 2022 at the Nathan Campus or online.

If you are looking for a peer support group but are not able to attend a face to face group QDN has a state-wide online group which meets online. This group brings together people with disability from across Queensland who connect online to find out more about topics that are important to them.

More information click here



Peer Leaders Forum

QDN held the first Peer Leaders Forum on Wednesday 27 April 2022 bringing together people with disability who have been leading the way in different projects. The Peer Leaders spent the day sharing their experiences in leadership, learning more about QDN’s leadership principles and putting leadership in action.

The meeting was opened by Minister Craig Crawford who also joined the start of the meeting so Peer Leaders could talk with him about what the key issues are for people with disability around Queensland.

Dr Chris Sarra, Director- General and Max Wise, Deputy Director-General from Department of Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, John Chesterman, Public Advocate Queensland and David Harmer, Legislation and Statutory Agencies Branch, Queensland Health came along to share their knowledge and experiences about leadership.

The Peer Leaders Forum was also an opportunity for people with disability from across Queensland to network and build connections with each other.

More information click here