P-CEP Leadership profile - Rohan

What did you learn from the program?

Always be prepared for the disaster when it happens. I also gained good  leadership skills being part of this program.

Would you encourage others to do it? If so, why?

Yes, I would like other people to be part of the program, so they can be prepared for any disaster and emergency situation.

Helping others to learn about this program, could be a good way for them to become a volunteer for this kind of work.

A man wearing glasses and wearing a grey suit, smiling at the camera.

I am enjoying learning about emergency preparedness because…

It is good pieces of information to be ready for when a disaster happens. I would feel safe with a disaster and emergencies kit to be ready to move out when it strikes.

What is the P-CEP Leadership program?

QDN has been working with people with disability in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory to build their leadership skills and capacity to help make their own plan and support others with Person-Centered Emergency Preparedness. P-CEP Peer Leaders raise awareness of needs of people with disability in emergency and disaters and to their peers, community, service providers, emergency and disaster management teams.

We are still seeking three people from NSW to be part of the program, so if you are interested please contact QDN on 1300 363 783 or email qdn@qdn.org.au.



Person-Centered Emergency Planning, Leadership profile – Rohan from NSW.  I learned to “always be prepared for the disaster when it happens .I also learn good Leadership skills to be part of the project. “ www.qdn.org.au/our-work/disability-inclusive-disaster-risk-reduction QDN Queenslanders with disability Network.