QDNY youth group finds out the why, what, and where for COVID-19 vaccinations

The QDN Youth peer support group met in July to discuss COVID vaccinations. Troy Hakala from Metro South Health was the guest speaker and presented information around several topics:

  • Why vaccinations are used to fight COVID
  • The different strains of COVID and how it spreads in community
  • Ways to protect yourself from any type of infection
  • Information on age groups and the health risks for those groups
  • The types, or 'brands', of vaccinations
  • Where you can get vaccinated as a young person with disability
  • Potential side effects and the reasons for these
  • Statistics on the infection rate and vaccination rate in countries around the world

The group was also able to ask Troy questions and shared their own experiences with the Queensland COVID vaccination scheme. The group came away more informed as a result of Troy's presentation and the group discussion that developed from there. To be able to get accurate information on such an important subject and how it relates to young people with disability was a great outcome from the meeting.

Please find attached the plain English reading that covers all of the content discussed in the meeting.

The QDNY group for young people with disability meet once a month via Zoom on the fourth Wednesday. Please contact QDN at peersupport@qdn.org.au for more information.

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