The Australia's Disability Strategy logo. The logo is made up of the words 'Australia's Disability Strategy 2021-2023' placed within the dark purle outline of a squarish shaped arrow, pointing to the right. The words 'Australia's Disability Strategy' are purple, except for all the i letters. The i in Australia's is red, the first i in Disability is purple, the second i is green, and the third i is blue. The words 2021-2023 are red. Beneath ther arrow shape are the words, also in dark purple, 'Queensland Forum'.The black Queensland Government Coat of Arms above the words 'Queensland Government'.The QDN logo, which is made up of the navy blue capital letters QDN, with words 'Queenslanders with Disability Network' in a light grey font beneath. Below this are the words 'Nothing about us without us' in navy blue italic font.


The Voice of Queenslanders with Disability report provides insights gathered from a sample of 291 Queenslanders with disability, 117 family/carers and 34 organisational representatives who engaged with the research survey. Queenslanders shared authentically and transparently with us about what is going well and what is challenging across many aspects of their lives. As the first survey to collect stories across all seven outcome areas of Queensland’s Disability Plan 2022-2027: Together, a Better Queensland2 and Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031,3 diverse and sometimes divergent perspectives were shared. While hundreds of people shared their perspectives, there is no single ‘voice of disability’ in Queensland and it is important to recognise that while this report presents key findings, it does not represent all disability experiences throughout the state.

Download the Voice of Queenslanders with Disability: Final Report 2023 here.

Download the accessible Voice of Queenslanders with Disability: Final Report 2023 here.