Rob's Rental Story

Rob was relieved — and a little bit excited — to hear about the changes recently proposed in Queensland’s tenancy laws. 

‘These reforms are pretty overdue’, he said. ‘There haven’t really been any major updates since the early ‘90s. I’m so glad they’re making these changes. It makes me feel much more positive about being able to rent somewhere long-term. 

‘I’ve been through periods in my life when I was homeless and now I love renting my own place. I just can’t tell you how important it is to have a place to call home. 

‘If these changes go ahead, they will make it much fairer on tenants like me when owners want to end a rental contract. Which will mean more certainty and longer term security. 

‘I know that I — and other people with disability — worry about asking owners to do repairs and maintenance. I once had a situation where my front door wouldn’t open, and I was scared that they’d put my rent up if I asked for it to be fixed. These changes will give all us renters a bit more control, because owners will have to make sure the property is safe and secure, and that everything works properly. 

‘It just gives me a lot more confidence to know I will have more rights as a renter.’


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