The Rockhampton Peer Support Group is a group for people with disability, run by people with disability living in the Rockhampton region. Group Convenor Patricia Marsh hosts monthly face to face meetings.

The Rockhampton Peer Support Group talk about a range of topics including getting prepared for an emergency, community events and inclusive tourism.

The group meets face to face, on the last Thursday of the month.

Call QDN on 1300 363 783 or email to find out more about these meetings.

A lady in a wheelchair is smiling to a lady standing next to her. They are in a large hall.

A woman with dark brown hair, wearing a white long sleeved patterned shirt with black pants and she is sitting in a wheelchair.

Introducing Patricia Marsh, the Rockhampton Peer Support Group group convenor.

"Come along you never know what you might get out of being part of the group and what you might learn." Patricia Marsh

Click here for the QDN calendar. Type ‘Peer Support Group’ in the search area to find upcoming group meeting dates and times.

Three women sitting around a table. Two are in wheelchairs. They are having a meeting with files on the table. They are all looking and smiling at the camera.

"I have been involved with QDN since last year and have never know such support."

Patricia Marsh, Rockhampton

What's Happening

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