The person-centred emergency plan (P-CEP) helps to ensure the health and safety supports people need during an emergency are met.

The ‘Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness Workbook’ is a practical conversation guide and planning tool for use by people with disability to tailor their emergency preparedness to their individual support needs.

Emergency preparedness is a process – not a one-time event. People with disability are the experts in our own lives and planning starts with us.

By having person-centred planning conversations – it helps to build the capability of multiple stakeholders towards making disaster preparedness more inclusive.

Click below to access the Workbook in printable and form fillable versions – these documents are screen reader accessible. ‘Form fillable’ means you can type straight into the document and save your information.

There is also a ‘P-CEP Workbook Overview’. This is a one-page document that outlines the four steps to creating your emergency preparedness plan, and is a good conversation starter. Please be aware this document is not screen reader accessible.

P-CEP Workbook

P-CEP Workbook – Form Fillable

P-CEP Workbook Overview

“I used the Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness capability wheel to prioritise my support needs in emergencies. Making a plan has made me more mentally prepared for what I will do in a disaster.” QDN Member

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