Your support of proposed Tenancy Reforms is important – Act Now!

Housing is a fundamental need and human right and key to enabling people with disability to be included in community and family life, and to participate fully as citizens within Australian society.  QDN has a strong history of taking leadership on many key issues and policy reforms which impact upon people with disability, and secure, accessible and affordable housing has consistently been identified as the number one priority among QDN’s statewide members.

You will see through QDN’s recent communications that QDN supports the Queensland Government’s proposed tenancy reforms.

We encourage all QDN members to express their views on the proposed changes. For this important Tenancy Law Reform Bill to pass, it is important that as many Queenslanders with disability as possible have their say.

Everyone has until 5:00pm on 28 December 2019 to have a say. There are several ways you can take action and impact the tenancy law reform Bill.

Contribute to QDN’s submission

QDN is preparing a submission to this review and is interested in hearing from members who rent their homes and have experience in undertaking minor modifications, renting with pets, domestic and family violence and ending a tenancy before the end of a lease.  Please email or call QDN on 1300 363 783 to share your views asap.

Go to the Make Renting Fair submission

This will take 1 minute and is the quickest way to voice your support.  Click here to go to the Make Renting Fair pro forma submission

Send your own submission to the Queensland Government:

You can click on this link to provide your feedback.  You will need to sign in first.

Respond to the government’s online survey for each topic

You’ll need to log in first. Click here to go to each topic.

If you would like support to have your say please call QDN on 1300 363 783 or email us at

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