Young People In Residential Aged Care Systems Coordinator Program - Consumer Reference Group

The Young People In Residential Aged Care Systems Coordinator Program (YPIRAC Program) has been set up to reduce the number of younger people entering and living in Residential Aged Care (RAC), through providing System Coordinators (SCs) to assist younger people under 65 access services across the disability, health, housing, and aged care sectors. They are currently looking for people with lived experience to join their Consumer Reference Group.

The Consumer Reference Group will be an essential way for the Program to hear the opinions, ideas, and experiences of people under the aged of 65 years who have been involved in residential aged care. The group will meet regularly throughout the duration of the Program to ensure the Program’s work is informed by the collective voice of the lived experience of the membership. It will discuss experiences and issues with moving into or away from residential care and explore solutions that will pave the way so that future processes offer the best outcomes for everyone.

The group will be made up of people from across Australia and will be a combination of people with disability and their families/carers who:

  • have a lived experienced of residential aged care
  • wish to participate in a discussion

Meetings will be held regularly via online video conferencing, during working hours.

For more information download the flyer here. 

To speak to someone about the Program contact Ability First Australia on 1800 771 663 or email


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