Engagement consultants with lived experience of disability

Connecting you to people with lived experience of disability to help grow your business

People with disability make up almost 20% of the population. One in five Queenslanders identify as having a disability and want to be customers and consumers of all that business, industry and the community has to offer.

Making services, products, businesses, workplaces and the community more inclusive of people with disability will increase your customer and consumer base by almost 1 million people in Queensland. More people will be able to access, use and purchase your services and products and participate socially and economically in their communities the same as everyone else.

Would you like to know more about how you can develop your business, products and services into something people with disability need? Would you like to know how to make your business, products and services more inclusive and accessible?

QDeNgage is part of Queenslanders with Disability Network, which is a statewide organisation by and for people with disability. QDN members include a diverse range of people with disability including people with physical, intellectual, cognitive, sensory and psychosocial disability of all ages and backgrounds living in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote communities throughout the state.

Contact Michelle Moss at QDeNgage (QDN) on 1300 363 783 to find out more or ask for a quote.