Targeted Outreach working with Wesbro Services

In 2021 and beyond Wesbro Services will continue its highly valued partnership with the Ipswich Cats Australian Football Club which saw Wesbro Services sponsoring the CATS 2021 Indigenous Jersey. Wesbro Services will not only sponsor the 2022 Jersey but they also facilitated the 2022 design process.  

Wesbro Services is a NDIS Registered Aboriginal Service provider working with all people. The Director of Wesbro, Hayley Wesbro is a Proud WIRADJURI woman and WIRADJURI language is used to describe program and such things as the names of the Wesbro Houses which support NDIS funded customers. 

Wesbro Program names in brief: 

Ganya - SIL and respite accommodation 

Birrang - Skills training for personal development, including Independent Living Skills 

Girra Girra Bang- community and social support 

Wambinya - in home care and needs of young customers. 

They were delighted to celebrate the 2021 Indigenous Business Month through a partnership with a local sporting club who have a history of supporting First Nations people and are responsible community citizens. Wesbro Services sponsored the CATS AFL Jersey used in the 2021 season. 

In preparation for the 2022 AFL season, they will continue to promote the Ipswich CATS AFL Club by providing supports including CAPS, earphones, and pens as they did for the 2021 Spring Skills Clinic. 

Wesbro Services took their relationship with Ipswich CATS further by facilitating a creative design workshop on Thursday 28 October.

This was attended by their customers, CATS players and Aboriginal Elders. The customer population includes a Youth Group which includes Aboriginal Youths. The youth Group is led by Blake Wesbro who was recognized in 2021 as Young Leader of the year in the 2021 Ipswich Australia Day Awards. 

The afternoon Design Workshop took place at the Wesbro’s office 23 Downs Street North Ipswich. The Wesbro facility has become a focal point in Ipswich with its front and side wall telling the story of the Wesbro journey in Aboriginal art. 

The afternoon was split into three different activities consisting of Jersey design, Sausage Sizzle BBQ and AFL light skills in the back courtyard.  

Ipswich Cats players and CATS personnel were invited to attend and help facilitate the Jersey Design workshop.  The Targeted Outreach Team and Local Champions attended the event to spread the message to the community about how the project can assist more Queenslanders with disability to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for Australians with disabilities for supports they need around their disability.  The NDIS has far reaching benefits focused on enhancing equality and inclusiveness for those with disabilities to live normal, fulfilled lives.  

This event was supported by the Queensland Disability Network (QDN) who work in partnership with the Queensland Council of Social Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network Queensland ATSIDNQ through Aged and Disability Advocacy. They are working on the Targeted Outreach Project which is a free service to help more people with disability understand how the NDIS can provide access to the supports they need, if they are eligible and get free and practical support to help apply for and access the NDIS. QDN work in partnership with the  Assessment and Referral Team (ART) within the Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships who provide support to help people get the information they need, filling out and sending NDIS forms, assessments and helping people keep on track with the NDIS.  

The process added value to the positive relationships that exist within the NDIS arena. 

A group of people standing and one man in a wheelchair. They are in front of a wall with indigenous art on it and two of them are holding up a jersey with an indigenous design.